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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Why Weight

Why Weight - if you have too much and want to have less - start with a click on the WW page - you have nothing to lose but weight!


Aquarius said...

An interesting approach - will keep watching. thanks

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Very true Ikki have been on this lifestyle change since 2005 (with Weight Watchers) now and thankfully the tools are a good part of time working.. but need constantly to re-focus as we slip into bad patterns so good re-check of directions weight wise is good. I have two sisters and we started re-focussing 5 weeks ago now, by re-pretending WW one is doing very well the other two (including me) is just okay.. but the attitude is the key and goals etc.
thanks going to sue this to help me each week,
love Shaz in Oz.x

Anonymous said...

What you have said makes sense to me. My head has been in the wrong place for ages, and just the last week or so I have been getting myself in the zone so to speak. I have been much better this week already. I have written down my dream and am waiting for your next installment with great interest.

Scrapcat 1 said...

good luck with your weight challenge Ikki, if you pop over to my blog there is a little surprise for you!

Rita said...

Count me in too ikki.I'd love to lose a stone. Hugs Rita xxx

Chrysalis said...

Hi Ikki - thanks for the encouragement to get our heads right, for WW. My husband & I started at WW a month ago, and I find it SO much easier with him on board with it. He checks our points (and does the shopping/cooking as he's at home all day) and I'm finding it much easier this time around. Have promised myself (as the TV ad says) that I'm losing weight for the LAST time. I seem to have spent a lifetime on this treadmill and I'm determined to do it once and for all before my 60th b'day next year. Another incentive is that we're being sponsored for our favourite charity - helps keeping us on the straight and narrow when everyone keeps asking how we're doing - and knowing that we're currently worth £360 to them, and more as we lose more.