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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Tippy Thursday - JT machine

I have today some information for you on the Joy Trouvaille A4 machine following the replies that I received from the questionnaire that some kind crafters offered to complete.

I asked the questions:

When did you purchase your machine and how long after purchase did it break or not?    The answers which in many ways good, is that all the machines that broke did so withinn the lst to 3rd time of using.  Mine broke on the 2nd.  It would seem that there was a batch of these machines on the market that had faultly gears.  One crafter told me that the company  she purchased her machine from had over 40 machines  faulty machines, and so stopped selling them!

I asked about replacement of machines or were they repaired - most were replaced, but refund of postage was a problem!  I have to say that Crafts too you (the distributor supplying my machine) did replace the gears, but I did have to do the repairs myself (or rather Dave did), and also  Liz from Make a Lasting Impression did offer to replace the machine but I chose the repair.

I asked: What operation were you doing when the machine broke?  The answers came back was - cutting a Nestie!
I also found that the machine was very stiff when embossing folders (some more that others - like sizzix and creative expressions).  I have noticed on C&C on their Grand Calibur shows that this is also a problem with this machine.  The answer they are giving (whilst waiting for Spellbinders to come up with a plate that will work - can you believe it!) is to use  8/10 sheets of A4 cardstock and the tan embossing mat instead of the top embossing plate.  Starting with the lowest and building the sandwich until you get a good impression that goes through the machine without force.  THIS IS WORTH TRYING IN THE JT if you are worried about the difficulty in embossing.  Strangely another machine that broke also had the same vicious backlash on the handle that I mention in my first review of the machine.

I asked about the instructions leaflet, was it clear and easy to use.  The answers varied, but Liz from MLI has kindly supplied a list of the sandwiches and you will find this on the embossing/die cutting pages above.  The leaftlet also mentioned using a Silicone mat in the embossing process - no one was using this, or had heard of it and no one was having problems (that is, of course, after the first machine had been replaced). 

I asked about tips for new buyers:  mark the plates yourself - double check the sandwich - never force  -Very good for maximizing use of A4 card to cut lots of shapes at one time – quicker than individually.  Also good for embossing/ cutting apertures in A5 card and  A6 opened out when you only want to emboss part of card  - great for embossing even embosses when it cuts which is a time saver and gives a very good impression - excellent if it doesn't break! - but this comment made me smile "wait for Cuttlebug to bring out an A4 machine"!  Since they haven't and did the CBv2 instead - what do they know that we don't????? 

It would seem that the machine is a bit tempermental and (like the GC and all machines) you cannot force the plates through without causing damage, but this is something we all know!  The manufacturer does not come out of this very well - I sent three emails and got no reply, even the company  selling most of the machine apparently did not get much support from them.

I hope you will find this news of interest and it will allay fears of using the machine.  I've started to use the machine again and I'm being very cautious but it is not causing any problems. Would I recommend it?  Not sure at the moment - it will take time and results.  I find if only doing a small cut or emboss - I still turn to my BUG!  Having said that the machine is very useful for cutting the Grand dies, of which only three of the smallest sizes will go through the Bug.

NB: In case I didn't, can I now make |it clear that I was offer a replacement machine by Liz, but I decided to go with the repair under no pressure. 

As an alternative to buying dies, I have a little surprise for you this weekend!?!?!?!in the way of a free draw.
Hope you will be able to drop by to see what it is.  


Jan Ltc said...

Thanks for this Eileen, I love mine, as you no I had it replaced, it took me a while to want to use it and I am still extra carefull. xx Jan

Bettythebaglady said...

Hi Ikki-been out oof the loop for some time but noticed you were chatting about building up pressure with A4 card and I've found that sheets of acetate are nuch better-the acetate does not give in the same way as card and you can add in sheets until you get the right thickness for whatever you are fiddling with. Save bits from boxes for added economy.
Hugs BettyXXX

Aquarius said...

Thanks very much for this comprehensive research and for sharing it with us. I think an A4 machine might be handy but at the moment I'm not going to be investing money in one simply to be able to cut more shapes at one time and the large nesties, while great, are a tad expensive if you want lots of shapes (which most of us do!!!).

chrissy xx said...

I haven't invested yet!! in a larger machine. But, read with great interest everything you are reporting on! and want to thank you so much for the time and trouble you go to too keep us all informed.

Sallie's Place said...

I would like to thank you too for the trouble you take to let us know about the things concerning die cutting. I was considering getting one of these machines but has desitated because I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in my hands and I think turning the handle will cause me problems, I am now very pleased I hesitated. I have a Big Shot Express which I love and hope they will bring out a more affordable A4 machine than the one that is available at the moment until then I think I will wait and see.

Lynne K said...

Thank you very much for all the info on this machine, Ikki, you've saved me some money! I had been thinking about getting one, but having read all your reports, I've decided that the advantages of the larger size don't justify the cost for me, especially if there may be problems using the machine. I'll stick with my trusty 'bug, which does everything I really need it to. xx

Scrapcat 1 said...

Thanks for the update I have been dithering about getting a larger machine but have decided to wait for now. I am looking at the Go Create dies which are bigger than the nesties but not as big as the grand dies.

Shoshi said...

That's very interesting, Ikki. I've been watching the Grand Calibur on C&C and was very impressed with what I saw - never did it seem to be straining - the handle looked really easy to turn. I would not want a machine to do large die cutting because I do all that on Jiminy Cricut with Make the Cut software these days, but the ability to do A4 embossing would be very useful, and what you say about partial embossing being easier on an A4 machine, too. I did wonder why they didn't make a Cuttlebug to take A4 - it does seem odd to revamp the machine and bring it out in the small size again. It would make sense to produce an A4 Cuttlebug because that's the way things seem to be going, with 2 machines available now that will take the large sizes, and with that sort of competition, the Cuttlebug might find itself out of the picture if they don't watch out.

Bets said...

Thanks for this report Ikki. I have been reading your blog with increased interest since you got this machine, as the style and size appealed to me. However, having seen the reports from you and comments from others, and after viewing the Grand Calibur on C&C, unless Cuttlebug bring out a larger machine soon, I think the Calibur will get my vote. Its made interesting reading, and thanks for taking the time to do it.

Karen said...

Hi Ikki - thanks for all the hard work you've done in sending out the questionnaire and collating all the replies. As you know Liz of MLI replaced mine straight away as we thought it would invalidate any guarantee if we tried to repair it - mind you I don't think that would have mattered as Joy and Crafts Too just seem to disregard everything anyway!!! Having a really good time using my JT but am aware not to put any pressure on it so if in doubt I turn to my Big Shot which I need to keep for the thicker dies anyway.


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Ikki as you asked here it is ...

the card for you with Glenda's paper was to have been for Pastels Less is more challenge but ill health and hey life! meant it was not done in time but not to worry am really rapt with the paper and I love the card so that is goos...esp. as finally used Word sentiment printed directly onto card thanks to Mandi and Chrissie, did not know how to credit them other than put links on my card.. but all were a great blessing,
Shaz in oz.x