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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Using your Eazi Scoreboard

I recently received from Phyllis, the owner of Diamond Card Crafts, instructions on how to make this fab notelet box using the Eazi Scoreboard (from an original idea by Ann Smith )with silver Mirri Card also with 3 A6 cards

grid lines, flower and butterfly design

Using grid lines and flower design
grid lines, flower and diamond design

To make the box: 

A4 Card - score all around on Box 2 (1" line) then mark centre and bottom of card on line 7... move this line in-between lines 3 and 4 - score both (this is the spine of your box)

then cut a 'V' out along all corner scored lines as you would for making a box - adhere glue and stick.... the centre section (where you scored lined 3 and 4) cut up to the horizontal (box 2 line)

A6 cards will fit nicely into your notebook.
  Thanks Phyllis for this super idea which would make a lovely gift.
Diamond Card Crafts are donating one of their Mandala Boards to one lucky crafter - you have until 3lst March to put your name in the hat here


Aquarius said...

Thanks for sharing these instructions - might have a go later to see if it works on my scoring board

Linda said...

Along with my rotary trimmer my Eazi Scoreboard are the two things I automatically get out when I begin to craft. Thanks for sharing the project. Linda x

Karen said...

Thanks so much for sharing this with us Eileen. Will have a go later on. Hugs x

Rita said...

Thanks Ikki. My favourite score board. I have a few ,but always resort back to my easi-score. This is a lovely idea for a gift. Hugs Rita xxx

Twiglet said...

Hi Ikki - Wipso and I have just won a second hand Cuttlebug - I guess your blog is the perfect place to do a bit of research in how to use it!! We are hoping we can use it for cutting fabric.