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Monday, 14 March 2011

Diamond Card Crafts - Mandala Reflection Board

I was a little disappointed with C&C this morning, I don't think they showed you just how versatile this product is, so I've done a brief tutorial on how to use this board.....

you place your image upside down on the embossing side of the board, this way you can move the image about to find the shape that suits is best.

having found your shape you turn the board over and tape the image in place

I embossed this shape, but instead of cutting round the image, I used a ruler cutting from point to point.

  with cut and dry foam and a piece of card, I inked the edges

Mounted onto my card it looks as if the image is layered. 

If you haven't already entered for the draw for this  board, you will find the details below.
Be in it to win it!


ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Thanks so very much for this as was puzzled as to how this are used, Eileen! And we cant get C & C over here anyway so depend on bloggers like you to fill in the gaps..
It is really a very different yet lovely way to present a card layout.. love the colours/ design you chose as well,
Shaz in Oz.x

Aquarius said...

That is a 'tweet' card (sorry!!) and I like the tip about cutting from point to point which has to be neater than trying to cut around a star shape. The sponged colour certainly makes it look layered.

Canonbury creations said...

Great tutorial Ikki and even if I'm not lucky enough to win the board I think I'm going to buy one, it looks so versatile.
Val x

Merry said...

Great tutorial Eileen...it is nice to see it in action....great card you created too.

Suzi B said...

Thanks for the tutorial Ikki. i have this board but have never used it! but thanks to you I now have it on my desk to give it a try.

Jose said...

Sweet card and thank you for the tutorial.

Bets Bits said...

Cheers for post brill tip and layering looks very realistic

mamapez5 said...

This is a very useful technique. Thanks for sharing it with us. Kate x

Christine B. said...

Hi thanks for tour techneque, great idea cutting from corner to corner. Hugs x ChrisB

mrs ann said...

You come up with such practical ideas!! I don't have this board but the idea with the sponging using card and the embossed shape is brilliant!x