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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

I have received this message from Rita, but unfortunately I have no experience of this problem. CAN ANYONE ANSWER THIS?

"Hi, I have the Big Shot Express (due to dexterity problems) and am wondering if any one who as this machine as trouble with the Marianne creatables I broke one on Sunday it cracked when going through the machine.I have a few and am now nervous about using them and Ikki'scards are so lovely. Rita."


Rita said...

Sorry to hear your having a problem Rita. Wish I could help ,but I only have a cuttlebug, but saving hard for a Grand Calibur. Hugs Rita xxx

Maureen said...

I had this machine and I loved it until it blew up on me I got in touch with Ellisons who make the machine and they repaced it with the manual one and dies to make up the price. I had had it alomost a year The machine has been dicontinued due to a lot of problems and any that are in shops are the last there will be.I never had any problems with any dies but when it blew up the bang was very loud accompanied bit sparks

Scrapcat 1 said...

sorry can't help with this hope you get an answer soon.

Aquarius said...

Sorry to hear Rita is having problems - I've used lots of Marianne dies in my manual Big Shot without any problems but afraid I can't offer any suggestions for the Express although I imagine the platform, plates etc are the same on this machine as on the manual one.

Sallie's Place said...

Hi there,
I have this machine (also for dexterity problems) and love it. I too had one that 'blew up' and was replaced when it was almost new but it was replaced with another electric version and I have since had no problems. I only have one Marianne die and have had no problems with it so far so really can't help. Sorry you have had one that broke.


Bee and Dee said...

Just read the post, we have a manual big shot and have had no problems with the dies, the express has a a fair amount of bad press, I have bad dexterity problems but can use the manual big shot as long as it is on a firm surface. It might be idea to contact the seller and see about a refund. So sorry you have had problems do hope you can resolve them. Bee

jordiegirl said...

Sorry I can't help either, I have the Double Do XL but would love love love the Calibur too to enable me to emboss larger items.

Hope you get some answers to the problem. Hadn't realised some of the Big Shot Express machines had blown up.