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Friday, 25 March 2011

Sandwich Recipe for Embossing without magnetic mat

Following my post yesterday:

To make an embossed shape on card without using an magnetic mat and without cutting the card you would used the following......

The sandwich for the Bug:  A / tan mat / card / die cut side down / possible shim(s) / 2 B plates

For the JT:  A (white plate)  / black mat / card / die cut side down / B (black plate)

Hope you find this helpful.  I will post this info on Embossing Page, or you could check the labels sections.


Suze Bain said...

Thanks for this Ikki, I haven't tried this technique yet but I will now! x

Aquarius said...

Thanks for the reminder about this type of embossing and for the sandwich recipe. I will try it in the Big Shot and see if it also works there as I'm sure it will with a bit of experimentation.

Aquarius said...

Hi Ikki - as promised here is what I did to achieve embossing on the Big Shot without using a magnetic mat.

Use multi platform with top tab (tab 2) folded back. Onto the next layer (tab 1) place a cutting plate; the die - cutting side up; card; soft embossing mat (mine is purple); the embossing plate (also purple) on top.

I've not tried it with a magnetic mat but imagine I would probably need to go down another layer on the multi platform and possibly need some card shim.

mamapez5 said...

I tried this yesterday with my magnetic mat and was very pleased with the results. Thanks Ikki. kate x

Lynne K said...

Thanks for the recipe, Ikki. I can't use magnets (have a pacemaker) so I'll definitely be trying this. Lynne x