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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Tippy Thursday - Make more use of your Nestie Squares

Today I thought I'd show you this little trick of making photo corners from your Nestabilitie Squares.
I first demonstrated this technique way back in August 2009 (gosh where's the time gone!), but many of my new readers may have missed this post.

It's called my "Wibby Wobby Card" and you will find the instructions on this link if you are interested in seeing more!

When I first used this method of making corners I used a magnetic mat - today I did it a different way......

First  tape two squares together
run through the Bug, but leave the cuts inside the dies
  then using a stylus round the inside edges of both squares

 You have a frame and a square both with an embossed edge. 
 This method is useful if you do not have the tan mat.

Cut across the corner.
 I sometimes cut the length of one side longer than the other, but here the cut is equal -  to do this I line the square up to the lines of my old cutting mat that sits under my glass cutting mat.
when finished -  an embossed square and four photo corners

I know that you can buy this shape of corner punch, but I have never been able to find one, so I use this neat little trick instead.

Back tomorrow with this week's card for my Friday Followers Gallery. 
Thanks for dropping by, hope you find this idea useful.



Scrapcat 1 said...

how clever you are, I've never seen a punch to do this either, thanks for yet another fab tip

Julie said...

Oh my goodness,I've never felt the need to buy Nestie squares,hey,whats a gillatine for,but after seeing this nifty trick I NEED NESTIE SQUARES!!!!!
Thankyou so much for sharing this one!Off to check out the best deal on nesties now :) Julie.x

Christine B. said...

Hi missed this first time around thanks fora fab idea. Hugs x ChrisB

Miranda said...

Hi Ikki, great idea of you! I bought the SU punch of the photocorner a little while ago. Theren are 2 sizes on it, but no beautiful embossed line........must be possible with the scorpal.......
however it's a great idea! greetz, Miranda

Lynne K said...

Excellent idea, which I missed first time around, so thanks for sharing it again. The corners look so neat.x

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Oh thanks so much for sharing again Ikki and did not follow back then not even heard of my sweet little but let alone Nesties etc. but have them and love love your tip!
Shaz in oz.x

Aquarius said...

Thanks for this great tip - I do have a photo corner punch (Stampin Up) but this way you get an embossed corner - love it.

Unknown said...

love this technique - which when you explain it, is really simple and makes sense!!!

I want to know where you got that footballer image from - its fab!!!

Paula x x x

Karuna said...

Hey ikki,

I see your expertise on the bug and i need some help please. Just today i tried to use the nesties in my buy and it went so lose. Yes i triple checked on the sandwich too! :( i have used it only 3 days ago and it was cutting well. I almost used 8 cardstocks to make it cut the nestie! What happened to the machine. even the bug dies go quite easily but still cut. Any help?