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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

2nd attempt at Less is more challenge

I think I must be mad!  Or, going mad!!  I'm busy. and yet I have messed about with my 2nd Less is More card for hours trying this and that, and after all the time I don't know which I like best or which looks best!!!  AND, does it matter?  Not really I like them both.....but someone asked to see what I came up with if I did it again.....so here are the two together.....

I changed and enlarged the font, and the placing.  It is much easier to get the spacing right with changing the fonts in the second card.  So I learnt something, but in all my messing about, I managed to lose the first placing of words to somewhere PC bound???? and as yet have not found them!  I think it's a mistake to sometimes to try to do something again, even the inked square managed to not colour as well as the first.   I have decided that I'm one picky, but persistent crafter!  I just hope my PC experience will prove useful for further challenges - so bring  on Saturday!

Hope you are all well and that your weather is much better than we are getting in North Staffs. 


Karen said...

Well Eileen, I'm with you..... I love them both!!! lol I'm really getting to love the look of these cards but, as you say, you tend to waste so much time fiddling with the font and placing etc...... but I think it's definitely worth it!


Sue said...

You can't improve on perfection, your first card was perfect, the font, the placement, everything, it worked. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Looking forward to seeing what new things you're working on, and more tutorials, and ... Did you say you were busy?

Embosserissima said...

I love your cards! The paper it's so particular. I would like to know which kind of paper is it.
thanks for sharing!

Annie said...

I like them both too. This spending hours on something sounds very familiar. That 'less is more' blog has a lot to answer for.
All good experience though.
Can't wait for Saturday.
Ann xxx

Jose said...

For what its worth I prefer the one on the left which is the original card, I think its well balanced, but some experts might think differently.

Jennibee's Cardspot said...

The second one looks great tho, so worth the effort
Love Jenni

Aquarius said...

Both cards look good but I think I prefer the one on the right of the picture. Why is it that PCs swallow up some our our stuff never to be seen again???

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

I think the second one is the best layout myself.. and think irregularity is rather like nature.... but choice has probably that has totally confused you looking at the other answers.. just go to show they are both great Ikki!!
Shaz in Oz.x

Lynn said...

Hi ikki,

Both cards are beautiful, but as a personal preference I like the first card. The wording makes an 'L' shape on the card and I think the eye follows that clean line. I love the stamp. x

Dori said...

wonderful! Just by little changes you've gotten two very different cards! I do like the two large words lined up closer to the same horizontal line- makes the stem not look so long! You are a very talented artist and it's a pleasure to check your blog for inspiration.