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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Joy A4 Trouvaille - Embossing Stencils and Masks

Hi friends, thanks to all who responded to my appeal for info on the JT machine.  I will be in touch with you, and if anyone else would like to add their comments negative or POSITIVE, I would be pleased to hear from you.

The machine is still working okay, no squeaks, the vicious backspin of the handle seems to have stopped and it turns smoothly!   So far so good, but I'm being very cautious! 

One of the things I've tried is using brass stencils and masks....

This mica mask is from Creative Expressions and called That Special Touch - Ivy background.  I  was very surprised to get such a good embossing/debossing effect on the JT, because I've never been completely happy with embossing this type of stencil in the Bug using the Spellbinders Impressionabilities, which I now find also embosses well in the JT.  Great, this opens up more pattern options!  Both sides of the pattern have been coloured with chalk, which is a medium I used a lot before I discovered DI's and happily will now be using them again.

From the JT leaflet   (they describe it for embossing templates)
 the sandwich recipe :  A plate / Black Mat / Paper / Embossing template / B plate

Now for a bit of News, and puzzling at that!!!

The other day I received a message from PeeJay telling me of another A4 die cutting machine on the market called "Happycut" from Artemio (a French Company).  And, she thought I might be interested in seeing it - to right PeeJay.  AND, this is the surprising bit - it's WHITE and LOOKS exactly like the JOY TROUVAILLE (a Dutch Company)  !??!?!?  What is going on? 

Now for some help please, I have received this message from Karuna, but I have no experiences of this problem - so can anyone add anything to help?

From Karuna an reader living in India

"Hey ikki, I see your expertise on the bug and i need some help please. Just today i tried to use the nesties in my buy and it went so lose. Yes i triple checked on the sandwich too! :( i have used it only 3 days ago and it was cutting well. I almost used 8 cardstocks to make it cut the nestie! What happened to the machine. even the bug dies go quite easily but still cut. Any help? "

If you have any comments to make please feel free to add them by using the comments button below.

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Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi Ikki thanks so mcuh for your updates on your new machine we are waiting with baited breath to see how it goes. And so agree with the non service side of things..
I am not sure if this will help Karuna in India, I just wondered if it was needing tightening? ie suddenly came a little loose inside?
When I was using the Embossing Plus folders in my bug I mentioned how tight they were and what sandwich I found worked for me and Brenda at Bultersabroad left this message for me "I've had my Bug for just a year and I found that I could do almost nothing with it but emboss for the first six or seven months as it was so tight. I googled about it and found lots of people with the same issue and the advice was that it would loosen a bit with use, and it has, I can now use small dies. When I first got it the embossing folders would cut right through the paper! It's brilliant now."
They give a tool with your bug so maybe she needs to do the opposite of what Brenda did and tighten it? You-tube may help?
Thanks for you wonderful blog, love the embossing on this post too.
Shaz in oz.x

Karuna said...

Thanks Ikki,

For posting this one!! I truly appreciate.

Shaz, Thanks for the info. I will check if i got any tool for tightening it. I purchased it last year and a frd bought it to India. I hope i fidn something on youtube. My worry is i have invested heavily on the dies and embossing and nesties recently. IF i cant repair the machine all is in vain :(

But thank u so much for the info :)


Scrapcat 1 said...

Glad your machine is working now and you are getting good results with the masks etc, sorry can't help Karuna.

Annie said...

Hi Ikki,
I've just blogged asking for ideas from all you clever paper crafters. Please shout if you can help cos I may well find a little gift for the best idea.
A x

Cdteach said...

Reading Karuna's comment about the problem with cutting nesties, my first thought was did you mix up the cutting plates and use 2 B plates instead of a B and the C plate. I know I've done this before now and wondered why it wouldn't work.

Aquarius said...

So glad your JT is back in business - long may it continue!! Sorry I can't help with the 'bug' problems. As you say strange about the other 'new' machine.

Karen said...

Hi Ikki - not sure if you got my message to say I would be happy to take part in your questionnaire on the JT - couldn't reply on the link you gave.

Have you watched the YouTube video on the Happycut? Apart from the colour the only difference I can see is when she brings down the sides they actually are double and slide out (bit like my front part on the printer - extends depending on the size you are using. Perhaps it's an EU thingy????

Loved your embossing - haven't tried it with the masks/templates before but will definitely give it a go.

amelodrama said...

Ikki, I'm glad you're getting some success. That looks like a really good emboss.

I wonder if the HappyCut is an improved model. The white looks better at least but it's the function that counts.
The URL ending .be looks like it might be a Belgian company which would bring it closer to the Netherlands in the Benelux union.
I searched the web and it seems Click On Crafts sell it in the UK. I'll see if I can contact them for more info. They do highlight that it includes an SP plate needed for embossing folders. Does that come with the JT?

Kathleen said...

there was talk some time ago about the old style A plate wearing down (apparently it's green and has a honeycomb finish to it) - this could be karuna's problem.

also, re the JT - it could be like the XCut machine that had [previously been marketed as the Double Do - maybe JT no longer want to market it and have 'convinced' someone else to do it!!

Kathleen Mc x