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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Cuttlebug and Magnetic Mats

Using a magnetic mat in your die cutting machine can be a useful way of making frames and apertures in your cards. Since I'm frequestly asked if they are needed; about the sandwich; and just how to do this .... today's card will show you the method I use.

Making an aperture card
I started by making a 4" x 4" card, which I scored round four sides.
Any make of die will make your aperture.  Tape the die to the inside of the card - cut side down - use a low tack tape to secure.
Place the magnetic mat inside the card
and fold the front card over securing the die on the magnetic mat.  Run through the Bug....

Sandwich:  A plate/card encasing the dies and mat/Shim/2 B plates  (I have to use 2 shims, BUT your machine might need less or more..TRY a test run...NEVER force....BEST to start with a thin sandwich).

and you have your aperture card.

You could achieve this result without a magnetic mat, but without the mat you get an impression on the back inside of the card.

Making a frame using a magetic mat

The mat is really useful for making frames

Place the dies on the magnetic mat - place your paper or card over the dies and run through the Bug.
The sandwich is slightly different than usual
A plate/magnetic mat with dies cut side up/paper/ 2 B plates
 (dependent on your machine possibly a shim on top).

In the picture you will see the frame fixed to the aperture card. 
To finish my card I only had to cut a piece of matching paper and add to the inside of the card.
  I also added a a silver thread and  beads. 
The remaining piece of the cut-out can then  be added  to the inside of the card.
It was my intention to use the cut-out from the aperture also on the inside, but after stamping with care and putting on one side to dry....it disappeared....yet to be found!

As you can see magnetic mats to have their uses.

Another such use is to emboss a frame on the front of your card, you can check this out here.
I have used a very quick and easy way of decorating the aperture - the choice is yours!

I have not added a sentiment - this type of card could be used for any occasion, but I thought with Christmas nearly upon us - it would make a very nice Thank You card, should I received a present!

PS: From a query received from Merry: You can buy magnetic mats from many suppliers, the link on the side bar is my supplier. The mats Liz supplies are her own NOT a Spellbinder product and so are much cheaper. They are very magnetic so that the dies hold firm - some mats are much thinner and are only suitable for storing dies. Also the dies do not cut the mats because the cut side is face up. Hope this makes sense and answers some of the points I omitted. ikki

PPS:  Question from Kim:  Can you use the tan mat instead?  NO.  The tan mat does a completely different job - Embossing.


Christine said...

Hi Ikki,

So pleased you have done this tutorial. I have a few cards with apertures from Nesties but have not known how to make them.
Your instructions are very clear so I will be trying this out.
Christine xx

Merry said...

Thanks for this info Ikki. Now is this just any old Magnetic mat or do cuttlebug actually sell a mat? Also does the mat get cut? I just imagine that a magnetic mat would be thin. Thanks for you help.

Merry said...

Thanks for those very quick and informative answers Eileen. I am definetely adding that mat to my list of things I need.

Kimbo said...

Hi Ikki
Thanks for this and all the other fantastic ideas over the past year.

Could you use the tan mat instead of the magnetic one?


Thanks so much for this useful info. Eileen. Your helpful hints and tips make the CB machine so much more versatile.
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas. Love, Sylvia xxxx

Barbara said...

Hi, I bought an embossing mat for my Cuttlebug machine, but it will not fit the way they say it should, and seems fairly useless. It was made by a company called KARS in the Netherlands.

Does anybody have any suggestions ?