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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Embossing with Nestabilities Shapes

Hi, I'm back again with another idea for you to try. This week I'm embossing with a Nestie frame.

You will need:
Cardstock to make a 6 x 4 card
Nestie shape or label - I have used a scalloped oval, but any shape (scalloped or plain) can be used
Tan embossing mat
Low tack tape or a black magnetic mat
Plates A and 2 B's (possibly a shim) and, of course your bug

First tape your frame cut side down to the front of your card - use a very low tack tape otherwise it will stick and soil your card . Alternatively, you could use a black magnetic mat, you will probably not need a shim.
Now make your sandwich:

Using tape

A plate - tan embossing mat - card opened flat with Nestie shape on top taped - shim (you know your machine - always take care - less is better and build up) - 2 B plates.

Using magnetic mat

A plate - tan embossing mat - card opened flat with Nestie shape on top held by magnetic mat -2 B plates

Run through the bug.

Taking care to remove the tape - this is the impression you will have made - You will also see that I have a second impression on this picture - this is because I forgot to take the right picture!!! Sorry.

NB If you want to double emboss - this looks good with the plain shapes

Sandwich: A plate - Turn the middle over - 2 B plates - run through the bug a second time.
The folder that I used to make the middle impression is one of the set of 4 wedding folders. I have wondered many times how to make more use of these small folders as you are limited because of the way they are jointed. SO, I cut it at the joint!!! I'm not suggesting you do this - it was something I wanted to try!
Having cut the folder, I placed the top half where I wanted the impression to be

At this point you need help to get the folder lined up - nothing sophisticatedated - you can use a window or a table light.

As you can see, it is possible to line up the image perfectly - making the folder much more adaptable. You can always join the folder back together with tape!
The finished card to celebrate a 65th Wedding Anniversary for my friend's parents.
I hope you find this method of embossing useful - Don't worry if you make a mistake (as I did) when embossing your frame - you will just have suceeded in making an aperture card! the bit left will always make a topper. Clever eh!! and no -one will know unless you tell.

Have a great cuttlebug week, please let me know if this works for you or if you have any probs. Thanks for popping in.


madmummy said...

Thanks Ikki for your projects & help. I haven't got any nesties yet but they are top of my shopping list just after new B plates as mine cracked over the weekend!


Unknown said...

Lovely card Eileen, embossing is perfect, how do you emboss the glasses without getting the lines from the folder imprinted on the card? What is your secret? LOL!

ikki said...

Hi Barbara, no secret - I should have explained this better, but it goes back to my first post on embossing borders. You need a MFP - see glossary (ie a slightly smaller pad than the folder). Why not go back and read the post, it will explain it more fully. ikki

Chrissie said...

Another triumph!
Beautifully explained, what a star!

Anonymous said...

hi Elieen, this is very clever, great idea.:) love the card youve made too julie x (chucky) from docrafts

Unknown said...

Wonderful tutorial Ikki! I would never have thought of snipping the folders apart.
Viv xx

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

AWEsome! I have to try this out! It makes for such gorgeous results. :O)

jordiegirl said...

Aaah, I had that idea with some of my X-Cut small folders as I wanted to put them into the middle of the card so I cut mine in half too. I'd bought them when they were being sold off very cheaply so I had bought a couple of some of them and was therefore happy to try cutting one or two!!! Great minds think alike.