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Saturday, 5 December 2009

Spellbinder - Pendant Die - Spades Design

Hi, For my 29th card I have used my new Pendant Die - unfortunately the light is bad today and with the gold mirror card reflecting the flash - this piccy won't win any photographic contest, but I think you will see how the die has cut and what a classic design Spellbinder's have give us.

I've really gone gold with this one!  Looking a the picture - I think I should have used a larger centre for the snowflake.  I'm sure I've got one somewhere!?!!?!??!? 

Whilst playing with some dies and a magnetic mat, guess what - I broke the C Plate.    I have 2 spare B's, but guess what - Yes, you're right, I don't have a C.  At the moment it's got a bandage and doesn't look too well!  Pity I didn't listen to my own advice  - so take care when cutting Provocraft dies, they are thicker than the Spellbinder ones and can do damage.  


Kim Dellow said...

Ooo that is so pretty. Kim

Anonymous said...

A very elegant card, I love it, as always your blog is very inspiring to us thanks for all of your hard work sharing with us.
Liz x (Liz G, Do Crafts)

Jackie said...

Superb card Ikki. I have often looked at these pendant dies and couldn't make up my mind so it's good to see one made up :o)
Jackie xx

Nessie said...

Ikki, I NEED your help, I am sure I'm doing something wrong... :-(
I bought the new Lotus pendant die and I have huge problems to get everything punched out. Even the thinnest card is a problem and I have to use scissors to get it out completely and because it has quite a lot of small "Windows", it is nearly impossible to get them perfectly cut. So I have to use paper, but the effect isn't the same...I am so sad, because I bought the die after seeing this card of yours with the gold mirror card. No way, I could punch the Lotus die from a cs like that... Do you have an idea? I use the cuttlebug, A Plate, B Plate, Card, Die, C Plate. I tried to use another shim to enhance the pressure, but than it will not go through the machine...