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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Tippy Thursday - Ribbon

Be it wide; thin; plain; striped; polka dot; satin or whatever, ribbon plays a big part in our crafting. BUT, it can become a box of tangled mess!

So how to store? I have seen boxes and bags with holes round the sides, so that the ribbon can poke through and  be pulled out! But I think you  will still get tangles - am I wrong? Tell me please! Or if you have a better storage system, again I'd love to know and so would others!

For myself I have a very simple storage for ribbon, not perfect (I still get tangles at times) but it works reasonably well for me. Self sealing sandwich bags - cheap and cheerful (50 for £1 at tool box). You can see at a glance what you have without having to open the bag. I have a bag for each colourway and they sit in a row in a storage box. It works okay if you remember to re-seal the bag!

I know a lot of crafters have a Bow Folder, they do work and tie very neat bows, but as anyone made their own? I have set a task for my dear hubby, something to do during the cricket lunch break!!!  Hopefully, fingers crossed, I will have one to show you soon.....and some neat bows!

Talking of tangles reminds me that I heard a great tip on C&C from Sheena Douglas the other week.  If your ribbon has  kinks or  folds that need ironing, you don't need an iron if you have hair straighteners!  I have tried this and it's much quicker than getting the ironing board out and waiting for the iron to warm up.  Anyway when the boards up I have guilt pangs knowing I should really be sorting out the ironing basket not ironing ribbon! 

Another tip.  If you have a down ribbon and a cross ribbon and want to add a bow over the crossing ribbons - you can use invisible thread to  pull two ribbons together.  Knot the thread, make a bow and add over the knot.  Neat.

 Love to hear your ideas and tips on ribbon. 

Now I'm working on using magnetic mats - back very soon with my results and some pics.


Anonymous said...

Hiya, I cut strips of card about 1 1/2" wide x@7 or 8" long and wrap ribbon around the card keeping the same types of colours together. I secure woth a paper clip and store the whole lot in a basket. Works for me!! ALison59, docrafts x

Nanabugaboo said...

I have a men's pants hanger that has four rods on it. You can slide the ribbon spools on the rods and then reconnet them I use the ponytail holders from the dollar store to stretch areound the roll so it won;t unwind on the rod. Everything is in sight and it adds a pretty touch to the room.

Merry said...

Love the tip about the straightening iron...I will be using that in future.

I received a prize of some ribbons and they arrived in their own zip lock bags. Thought this was such a wonderful idea that I sat last week and put my own ribbons into their own individual bags. I have my fingers crossed for less tangles.