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My name is Eileen but to friends in the card making world I'm known as 'ikki'. (which is pronounced I-KEY) From where or how this came about I'm not sure - it just got shorten from my original craft name of Ikemo by various friends along my crafting way! I started crafting whilst recouperating from an accident, and from my first attempts with peeloffs and paint - I was hooked! Now my passion is my BUG! and now BEADING!

In the Cupboard you will find ideas, news, tips and techniques to help you get more from this fab little machine. So come in - join the fun and Cuttle with me!

Monday, 28 December 2009

Updating the Cuttlebug Cupboard

When I started this blog back in January, I had no idea of where I was going or what I would be doing. Now at the end of the year, I find that The Cupboard has become a useful source of reference for using the Cuttlebug and other die-cut machines. However, with hindsight, I need to make it easier for visitors to find their way about to actually find the information that has become hidden with so many posts. So, over the coming days I will be making a few adjustments - that is if my troublesome PC will switch on when I return home on the 29th.

I will also be looking back at some of the (in my opinion) most useful tips and techniques that I have illustrated in my 2009 tutorials. I hope you'll be able to join me and let me know what have been the most useful ideas for you. I think this will be really useful for new owners of the Bug, and I know from pm's received that this Christmas has certainly been Bug friendly!

Join me tomorrow for my Top 4 Tips of 2009......?!!??.....


Toni said...

Hello Ikki, just a short message to echo what a lot of other crafters have said to you. As a new crafter, partcularly to the Cuttlebug and Nestibilities, I have found your help and guidance very useful and thank you for it. I am getting to grips with my'bug' I think but need to start learning how to get the best out of my Nesties and I am sure continued regular viwing of your blog will be continue to be a great source of inspiration to me and many others. Thank you again and Happy New Year to you and all of your family.


Merry said...

Ditto to Toni's comments. Happy New Year...to you and yours.

Nanabugaboo said...

Just wanted to thank you for all the helpful information. I look forward to learning more and making the most of the "tools" that I have. Wishing you a wonderful and productive new year.