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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Crealies Creatives

Introducing you to Crealies - Creative flower dies......

These dies are now being stock at Graphicus, the range covers flowers, shapes and leaves.  On receiving  my No.10 die, I just had to have a go at cutting them.  I was impressed!  They cut at least 3 layers of decorative paper in one go.  Using different papers this would give you 3 very interesting flowers!  I also tried a heavyweight hammer cardstock - result - a clean cut with only one passing through the Bug.  The shapes are unusual designs and can be layered either on top of each other, or alternated as I had shown in the piccy.

The dies are very thin, and the Bug sandwich is the same as for Nestabilities:  A / C / die / card / B.


Aquarius said...

Thanks for sharing that information with us - something else for my wish list.

Merry said...

Oh wow...these look so pretty....great to hear they cut through a couple of layers of paper. Thanks for sharing Eileen.

Sharon said...

Awesome thanks for sharing.

Val said...

Hi Ikki

I absolutely agree with you - these are lovely. I bought some a while back from the Netherlands. The leaves as really pretty as well.


Shoshi said...

Those are gorgeous, Ikki! Lots of potential there, with layering etc. Look forward to seeing some of your cards made with them.

Diane said...

Hi Ikki,

Love your blog, alawys so informative.
I have a little something for you on my blog. Couldn't find an email address for you. Have a good weekend.
Diane- keepforecercards

Christina Lytle said...

Ikki I have something for you on my blog. Just want you to know I love visiting your blog, and your beautiful creations!

craftimamma said...

Hi Ikki,

These dainty dies are really impressive aren't they? I couldn't believe how such a thin die could cut so well. Er, I think I need a few more, Lol!

Lesley Xx