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My name is Eileen but to friends in the card making world I'm known as 'ikki'. (which is pronounced I-KEY) From where or how this came about I'm not sure - it just got shorten from my original craft name of Ikemo by various friends along my crafting way! I started crafting whilst recouperating from an accident, and from my first attempts with peeloffs and paint - I was hooked! Now my passion is my BUG! and now BEADING!

In the Cupboard you will find ideas, news, tips and techniques to help you get more from this fab little machine. So come in - join the fun and Cuttle with me!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Tippy Thursday

Hi, I have had such a rewarding week, the generousity, thoughtfulness, messages of support from crafters who care and want to help by donating cards has been amazing. There has unfortunately been some sad news that Breast Cancer is affecting many women right now, but also good news that the treatments available are working and saving lives. If anyone is in doubt about attending their mammogram appointment, please, please go. Early detection of this disease is so important, even though it can be scary as I found out! I will update you of the funds that you are be helping to raise for this very worthy cause as soon as I can.

This week since crafters are not only thinking of making Christmas cards, from the DC and UK Scrappers forums I read that they are wondering what crafting goodies to put on their own Santa list! Nesties are so sort after, but also so confusing to buy, that today I going to give you links to my past posts to help you make your decision. They are expensive and you want to get the ones you exactly want!

Before you rush off to check them out, I would also like to tell of you of some new embossing folders now available from Crafts-too. I have just bought two from my supplier Making a lasting Impression, and I'm really pleased with them. I have to say that the embossing is not as deep as the CB folders, but the size is much better for UK A6 cards. The folders fit the whole front of your card - so no space at the top and bottom of the embossing, and most importantly NO CREASES. This is probably because the embossing is not so deep and the size is better, but I can cope with this because crease marks are soooo frustrating!

Also new on the market are die cuts from Joy Crafts. If you have not seen what patterns are available - you can check them out on the link on my side bar.

Now for info on buying : ovals
Circles new dies

Hope you'll find this useful, and again many thanks for your support.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Cuttlebug Winter Folder

Last year I bought the CB Winter House Folder. At first I found the folder a little restricting because of the border lines. If you're embossing onto a piece of card to use as a mat this is okay, but if like me you prefer to emboss straight onto the base card and experiment with the folder, the border line spoils the look. My solution, albeit a little drastic, was to cut the border line off the folder. AND, it worked for me!!! If you look closely at the card you will see with a bit of juggling, I have been able to achieve a second embossing of the pattern. I have to add that Tilda also helped create a snowy village hill scene (and also hide the slight folder edge crease line). I'm working on this - I feel sure that it is possible to emboss without getting crease marks!!!!

Time has been limited this weekend with running my 'Donate a Card for BC' (see last Thursday's post if you've interested in helping), but hopefully later today I will have fathomed out how to do this and will post again my result. Hope you'll have time to come back and see if I have mastered this!

Well, I sort of did it! This is not perfect and I have again had to do a bit of hiding, but it worked out nicely!

I started with a piece of A4 Hammer card and cut down the middle to make a side opening card.

Score the centre fold, place the folder to the front edge and emboss.

Emboss the second pattern carefully placing the edge of the folder sligthly higher to make the impression of a slope.

The embossing will show on the the back page. To make this look intentional, finish the edge of the pattern with 3 scored lines. The ribbon not only covers a slight edge impression, but adds a touch of colour. Now you have an embossed front and a debossed inside! I like this effect and you don't need an insert because you will see later that I have added a greetings strip.
The back looks like this

and the front: The ribbon is continued over the front and with a silver Nestie Create a Flake, gem and some glitter gel, all that is needed is to scalloped cut the edge so that the greeting is visible.
Although the pattern is repeated, because of the hill effect it is not noticeable. One of the reasons for this is that by starting the embossing from the front edge and working back, the Church spire which would be the give away comes out on the back. Are we crafters, crafty or not!!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Tippy Thursday - Breast Cancer - Donate a card

Last year after receiving unexpected RAK's to cheer me up, I decided I should do something more positive. From my experience of friends being diagnosed with Cancer, I decided to support my local Breast Cancer Unit at the North Staffs Hospital by making and selling Christmas cards. Breast screening is so important and I always attend mammograms, but when last week I was recalled for a second screening the hard facts of this disease and the trauma hit home! I was lucky - after further investigations I was discharged. Others I know were not! I was very impressed with the BSC staff - they were kind, considerate, understanding of my fears, but at the same time very professional and efficient. You will understand now why I will be continuing to support this worthy cause, which needs help to help other women.

I created this blog to help others. I realise from the number of comments and visitors that use the blog that it is a useful tool to Cuttlebug fans and also to owners of other die cutting machines, because all my work can be adapted. Now I'm going to ask you to help me - how? By donating a card!

The card will be sold by the Clinic to raise funds. It can be any type of occasion card, with an envelope and in a polybag.

I can only stress how important it is for all women to attend mammogram screening. You will find facts and information at The Breast Cancer Site here. You will be helping by just a visit and a click!

Please can you help me? You will find my contact details at the top of the comments page.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Spellbinders Borderabilties - Make a card

My bowling mate was 15 last week. When I make a special card, I first look at the criteria - teenage, must be pink, must be funky, bright, and personal! On last week's TT, I illustrated using Borderabilites so I've included a border to show you how effective these can look on a project.

I used:
Square Card
2 Basic Grey papers - Euphoria
Borderabilities - Spade
Nesties - Rectangles
CB - Alphabet - Harmony
CB - Birthday Wishes
PB Stamp, Gems and Flowers

Cut your border

Using the wax paper it easily comes out of the die
Cut the sentiment and initials. I use DST on the underside of the paper, and place on the back of the die. You could use a glue, but these cuts are so fiddly that I end up with glue everywhere.

This seems very elimentary - but I know from experience when cutting initials - it is sooooo easy to cut them backward!!!!! So I thought it was worth mentioning for new owners of DC machines.
Now all I needed was a Penny Black stamps and a few gems, glitter and flowers
A personal, funky card for a teenage. "Happy Birthday, Emma" Hope you had a great B'Day.

Back on Thursday with .......?!?!??!.....you'll have to come back to find out, because at the moment it's a mystery to me as well!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Spellbinder Borderabilities Dies

This week I feel I'm on a roundabout and someone (????) is making it go faster, and faster. Please stop I need time to think - it's Tippy Thursday again!

I have the Spades Borderabilities. They make a grand border, but because of the intricate nature of the cut, it's difficult to press them out of the die! I've tried pins, needles, sissors - they all worked but take time. Problem - I don't like fiddly things and have little time! Then I read this tip from the Spellbinder Forum - it's a must to pass on to you. Wax paper! This will help with any intricate die for example the snowflakes. Thanks Spellbinder Forum.

Bug Sandwich: A plate, B plate, card, wax paper, die, C plate
(You will need to adjust the sandwich to other die cutting machines.)
NB: You can also use this sandwich:  A plate, C plate, die, card, B plate

I have also tried this with Greaseproof paper - it works. Rubbing over with a candle also works, but it's messy.  Updated 1/8/2010:  after rubbing candle over the die, buff the wax onto the die, it acts like a polish!

Using the wax or greaseproof paper, the die cut comes away with ease. Here you will see one with the bits pushed out and the others left in. Why? because if you do this...run tape across the back before removing the cut from the die and it STOPS the bits coming out - then you get another look. Cool hey! Brill effect using thick gold and silver mirror card.

Then you can do this....
add a card/paper die cut over the gold/silver base. Another completely different look - making your Borderabilities more versatile! I do like value for money!!

Back on Monday, till then happy Cuttling,

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Cuttlebug Christmas Cards

Hi Cuttlers, I've just returned from a very relaxing holiday and thought I'd be ready to get going again with blogging straight off, but I forgot about all the things that happen whilst you're away. Like the 370 emails to read; like the mountain of post behind the front door (mostly rubbish) to be opened and checked; like the unpacking - isn't it a bore having to put everything away! And, then there's no one to put my dinner on the table, or open a bottle of wine, not to mention the actual shopping. So.....

this week I thought I'd show you three cards I made last year and sold in aid of the local Breast Cancer Centre. Two of the folders are Chrissie ones (Winter House and Snowflakes) along with Swiss Dots and D'vine Swirls. Simple, easy, but effective cards to make at a busy time of the year! Apart from the folders, you only need the large Nestie Scalloped Circle, card, ribbon, ink and a bauble. I'm sure like me you have lots left over from last year! You could use peeloffs or PC generated sentiments.
To anyone making charity cards, these sold very well.

Thank you for your support and messages whilst I've been lazying about, it's always lovely to read your comments. If you had a query on any of the posts, I will get back to you asap. Also, a very warm welcome to my new followers - great to have you on board - hope you enjoyed your visit.

Now I must get back to getting back to normal....!!!...see you on Thursday.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Tippy Thursday

Hi, I'm sorry but today I have no tips for you other than enjoy your crafting and to share with you some pics I took a few weeks ago. This end of the day looked fantastic, and also unreal!!!
I'm on my way back from a 2 week holiday in the Med, doubt I'll have seen any sunsets like this one!

I hope you've enjoyed the posts I've arranged during my break - if you have asked any questions during that time, I'll contact you asap.

Normal service will resume on Monday (fingers crossed). Hope you'll have time to drop by.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Nestabilities and Mock Layering

In order for me to keep this blog open I will occasionally post a slightly shorter tutorial of a card that features bits and bobs of Die Cuts and CB folders.. This is one such card.

Materials used:
6 x 6 Square Cream Hammer Card
Gold Glimmer Card
CB Folder Stylised Flowers and MFP
2 Nestabilitie square dies
Fiskar Border Punch - Treading Water
See-D's Floral Daisy Stamp

The base card is embossed using the MFP method, which you can check on here.

Punch a stripe of 6 x 3 card and attach over the spine of the card. With a scoreboard emboss lines for texture and added interest. Also punch out a small piece of border for a corner piece.

Now for a bit of mock laying! THIS IS A NEW IDEA!

Cut a square with your die. Leave the cut square in the die
with the cut edge upper most, and emboss the edge with
an embossing pen.

Remove cut square from the first die and tape a smaller die to the front of the embossed square with the cut side down. Turn over, find
the inside rim of the die and emboss as before.

When you remove the die this is the embossing you have made.
You can then just add an embellishment, or a stamped image on
another mat as I have done.

I love this little daisy stamp which I decoupaged and also used on the inside of the card.

The finished card.

The effect you get is well worth the effort!

I love finding new ways to use the Dies - if you have any to share, I'd be real pleased to hear from you.

My next post will be on Thursday , 8th October.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Tippy Thursday - Heat mats

It's great to go out and buy crafting goodies like stamps, papers (my downfall), embellishments, etc., etc., but never overlook your crafting tools - they never outdate and you definitely need and use them all the time.

On the market you can buy heat resistant mats for your crafting, they are undoubtedly a good aid in your craft room, but did you know that the same type of mat is also sold for use in the kitchen. A few years ago when I was a WW leader, a client bought me one of these mats after I'd done a demo on cooking fatless chips in the oven! It was a Lakeland product and unfortunately I cut it in half to go on a tray, but luckily kept the other half! Guess where this is now.... yep,it's in my craft room. These heat resistant mats are very useful when heat embossing and definitly save your surfaces getting damage, any marks of ink or melted bits of embossing powder clean off easily. You can also use them as a paint palette. Indeed a multi purpose mat - you can even cook your chips on it!

My next post will be on Monday, 5th October.
Happy crafting, or cooking.