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My name is Eileen but to friends in the card making world I'm known as 'ikki'. (which is pronounced I-KEY) From where or how this came about I'm not sure - it just got shorten from my original craft name of Ikemo by various friends along my crafting way! I started crafting whilst recouperating from an accident, and from my first attempts with peeloffs and paint - I was hooked! Now my passion is my BUG! and now BEADING!

In the Cupboard you will find ideas, news, tips and techniques to help you get more from this fab little machine. So come in - join the fun and Cuttle with me!

Monday 30 November 2009

Not a Christmas Card - it's a surprise

Hi, I'm really late today, I've been finishing off a late commission and with that and the firewall playing up - it's been a long day with no time for Chrissie cards...but I have made this box

 Unforuntately, I can't show you wants in the box until Saturday.....

I just hope it's not too much of a surprise for the recipient.

Sunday 29 November 2009

Cuttlebug, Pierceabilitie Border and Nellie Snellen Frame

Hi, Today's card (24) is one I have enjoyed making. Why? Well I've been saying all week, inspiration has been lacking from my card head! But, when I received a set of Nellie Snellen Frames from my supplier, I wanted to use them....immediately....this is what my head led me to....
What I used on the card front:
Nellie Snellen Rectangle Frame
Crafts-too-you Snowflake folder
Hero Arts - Collage Season's greeting
Bits and Bobs

What I did:
I first embossed the base card - carrying the pattern over to the back, which I finished off with 2 score lines. I like this finish - it looks professional. 

Having stamped and cut down the image, I had a go at the over-lapping technique.  This was my first attempt and it was a bit tricky, but it turned out okay.  If you would like to see how this is done -
Rachel Jakes will show you

For the inside of the card I used:
Spellbinder Pierceabilities Die
With these dies you can adjust the width of your border. So having cut one, I then cut another slightly bigger to create a different coloured edge.  Then I had to cut another to hide a mark !!!!!   Our secret!  The debossed pattern gives added interest.

If you would like to view these new folders from NS you can do so by clicking on the side bar link to Liz, at Making a Lasting Impression.

See you tomorrow....

PS: Message to Kate (unable to contact you direct you have left no address)
Question: What is a paper shim. Answer: A piece of scrap paper placed over the paper being embossed so that the embossing does not cut into the paper.

Saturday 28 November 2009

Nestabilities and Cuttlebug Folders - Christmas No.23

Hi, this card is one which I made last year for the NS Breast Care Unit.  When I showed it a few weeks ago, it caused some confusion as to how I achieved this look.    .
So, here is how I did it.....

First off I printed the sentiment, then using the Swiss Dots folder across the card embossed and added a score line.

The 2 half circles DO NOT OPEN.  They were made by cutting the largest scalloped circle, which I embossed with the Snowflake folder and slightly inked.  Then cut in half.   By punching 2 eyelets and joining together with ribbon from the scalloped edge - you get the effect that it will open.   If you used vellum or a lightweight paper you could wrap a full circle round the card.  It's one of those things on my list to try, but has yet not done.  Perhaps tomorrow! 

Hope this clears up any confusion - it makes simple little card, but it gives a very effective look.  Let me know if you try it.....Bye for now.

Friday 27 November 2009

Spellbinder Shapeabilities - Create a Flake

Hi, Today I feel uninspired! I've looked, touched, searched, made a mess and still couldn't find something to get me going!

I ended up looking at my lovely Christmas papers and after much deliberating made a cut. The paper really is gorgeous, but the card is one of them that didn't quite turn out like the idea in my head.! Do you know what I mean? Not sure what's wrong, I think it may be the colour of the ribbon?!?!? Anyway, here it is....

However, the snowflake cut with the Spellbinder Shapeabilities - Create a Flake makes a fab embellishment. I knew when I first tried this that I'd made a good buy!

Well back to the drawing board - I still have 8 more cards to design. AND, probably make some alterations to this one (my No.22)!
See you soon.

Thursday 26 November 2009

Nestabilitie Squares - Christmas Card No.21

Hi Cuttlers all, Well I do feel better this morning - no pains and the sky is bright and NO rain! What a difference a day makes!!
Today I would like to show you a card that I received from my blogging mate, Chrissie.

Chrissie makes very stylish cards and beleive me is a great crafter with great ideas. If you have not seen her work - pop over and visit you won't regret it.

Squares - simple but how effective!  The idea made me think Nestie Squares - and an easy way of producing a SQUARE mat accurately and quickly - even if you haven't got a set of Nesties as large as you need!  So....(with permission)...from Chrissie.... I cut 2 different sized squares from Basic Grey paper and matted them on red card to produced 2 bigger squares.

After stamping the edge of the largest red square with a holly stamp and inking the edges,I then added a dusting with gold metalic Perfect Pearls (one of my must have's two years ago and not used - will I ever learn!!)

Then square just needed to the mounted on gold card and with a few embellishments the card was finished.

A completely different card but using the same priniciples - Squares!  Thanks for the idea Chrissie - you help me make my Christmas Card No.20.

Wednesday 25 November 2009

Hi, Well yesterday was busy, productive, positive, but today has been a real downer! The weather is wet and windy and my tum is definitely not feeling well. Spent most of the day in bed, but I'm feeling a bit better now. Thank goodness! I have a bowling match tonight, and since hubby is the team captain, I didn't want to let him down especially since he spend all of yesterday helping me!

Anyway, as you will understand, crafting has not been on my list of priorities, but I thought I would post this card that I made a few days ago. You know how you have lots of bits and pieces hanging about and think "what am I going to do with them". Well this is what I did with some such bits. I'm afraid the only bit of cuttling is the mat, but at least it helped!  So with a few die cuts, beads and wire together with a lovely base card (white with a gold gilt print) it looks okay.

Hope to be back tomorrow with a more Cuttled card!  Bye for now.

Tuesday 24 November 2009

Breast Cancer Appeal - your cards

Hi folks, It's a busy day for me and a good one also. From my appeal for help and support of the North Staffs Breast Care Unit, I received these wonderful gifts from you.

Thank  you sooo much.  Your generousity was amazing.  I have made a start selling them.  Today I went to the Hospital and together with a few that I sold to my friends, I now have made a total of £105.49p from your cards.  To this I have added another £60 from the cards that I made - so at the moment I have £l65.49 in the kitty.  I also still have over 100 cards left to sell.  Again my thanks and also those from the BC Unit, who were delighted with your cards.  

PS: Message to Di - you did not leave a contact address so unable to reply personally. But the answer to your question of paper ripping when embossing can be solved by placing a piece of copy paper over your paper and enclosing both in the folder.

Monday 23 November 2009

Spellbinder - Die cuts

Hiya, Today I thought I would show you this card (No.19) and the way that I have used the Spellbinder Oval Classic Standard and Scalloped die.

The materials used:
Cardstock 6" x 8"
Spellbinder - Ovals
Papers: Basic Grey
Stamp: Inkadinkado
Bits and Pieces

I like this style of card made by making a 2" front flap -  it shows off two of these lovely papers from BG. Some of the stamping on the ground paper has been added by me!!

On the close-up of the embellishment you will see that I have chalked the edge of the oval.  You can add colour to a dit cut in two ways:

1.  With a sponge or cut and dry foam - drag the colour in from the edge until you have sufficient shading.

2.  Leave the shape in the die and use as a stencil - chalk or ink - when the die is removed you then have a white edge and colour as well.

Drop by tomorrow and see the cards I'm taking to a sales day at the Hospital.  To all the kind crafters who donated cards, I will let you know how I got on on Wednesday. 

If you read my post yesterday re tips on embossing folders, I have added a couple of very useful tips which I forgot about at the time of writing - namely embossing larger cards and using an MFP. Can't think why I forgot these two because they are so helpful in extending the useage of your folders!

Sunday 22 November 2009

Cuttlebug Embossing Folders

Your Cuttlebug can be a really useful tool at this busy time of the year so why not use it?

Some of my tips when embossing:

The embossing folders add interest to a base card.

Look at the pattern when the folder is debossed - using the folder this way can give an entirely different look to your card.

The maximum width you can emboss in the Bug is 6", so this makes embossing straight onto the card easy pezy   However, if you wrap the card round the folder, you can get crease marks caused by the rollers putting pressure on the folder.  To help with this, I always emboss with just the front of the card inside the folder,  Not as the book says, but it works.  Doing it this way means that you can get the embossing close to the centre fold, and the card does not stretch as much.

Lightly sand the embossing for that shabby chic look.

You can emboss a section of your folders by using my technique of a MFP here. You can also use this method for the small embossing folders to avoid folder lines.

You can emboss larger cards - see here

Use inks/chalks/glitter to hightlight the pattern.

Emboss over patterned paper for more texture.

Emboss your matting and layering - Script/Music folders look great for this.

Use two folders for more texture. (Double embossing) one over the other.

Use 2 folders (as my card today)

The Cuttlebug folders are slightly smaller than A6, but there are other makes of folders on the market that do emboss to the full size of an A6.   Worth considering if you're in the market for new folders - there are not many patterns available at the moment, but more are promised.  The bigger size of folder solves any creasing problems.  Prices are similiar for all makes.

This is my card No.18 - I have used two folders (Distressed Lines/Snowflake) to emboss and deboss the base card.  Both these folders linked well to the image from PB which was stamped in Black, then glittered with stickles for an icy effect. 

If you are an experienced Cuttler you may already use these techniques, but today I'm thinking of new Bug owners and hoping you will find some useful tips to try.

Saturday 21 November 2009

Spellbinders Mega Curved Rectangles - Christmas

Spellbinders Mega Curved Rectangles as the name suggests, are slightly bigger than other dies. This means with the largest die you can easily created a base 4" x 6 card with a shaped edge for interest.

For my card No 17 I used
3 Spellbinder Mega Curvered Rectangles
Star folder from Crafts-too-U
Spellbinder Shapeabiilitie small Christmas Tree
Stamps, various inks
Ribbon, and other bits and pieces.

Having cut my base card to a landscape fold, I placed the whole of the card inside the folder
and debossed the pattern. You will see that this give texture to the inside of the card, and the debossing makes adding a sentiment label easier to adhere. The front of the card has another size die, which was cut out of paper and mounted on card for strength.

Then I played with my new stamps and a few inks and added some detail. This blending technique is new to me - it's not perfect yet, but with time and practise I should improve, AND I love doing it and also quite like my blue fingers! When I'd finished playing, I added a blue metalic dusting of Perfect Pearls and a silver tail to the stars, but unfortunately the camera doesn't capture the sheen!
I'm not sure if this daily posting of Christmas cards for a month was a good idea - yes, I'm getting my cards done, but the days seem to be whizzing by even faster than usual!!!

Friday 20 November 2009

Cuttlebug - Embossing and Spellbinder Christmas Tie dies

Hi, Well today started out well, but then it when soooo wrong. What did I do? What didn't I do!

I started out making a 6 x 4 card in white linen - I printed the sentiment on the PC

then using a (Crafts-too) star folder which I received yesterday from Liz, at Make a Lasting Impression, and my score board I had finished my base card very quickly. Great! The embossing with this folder is very good, clear and deep. Also the pattern lends itself to debossing, and if needed you could emboss a larger card because there is no pattern match. Well done Crafts-too for listening to crafters!

Using the Spellbinder Christmas Tree die, I cut 3 of the middle size dies.
2 these I cut into layers and decoupaged, and with a touch of stickles and a few stars - I thought okay!

Second thoughts - "bit plain even for me" so out came a dye pad (a baby blue that I have used many times to highlight embossing) and today this was my downfall. First I missed the embossing and the dye marked the card, I tried to put this right, and again, and again and in the end abandoned my first idea and moved on to covering the pattern with various dyes, as I had seen Sheena on C&C do very successfully. Oh dear.....

what a mess! After playing around, adding a touch of perfect pearls and hairspray to fix - I was quite pleased with the effect. The embossing showed up well, the PP added a gloss shine that doesn't show up, but it does - honest, and I think I will be able to use this as a mat on another card. Not all wasted then!

So, feeling better I started again. I made another base card - this is quick. Then I picked up my tree and guess what, the stickles glue had not dried on the handmade paper I had used. Smudged. Next, I looked for my blue ribbon - I'm sure I put it away in the right place, but no - Lost. Silver ribbon would have to do - but it didn't look quite right. Blue ribbon still missing having check here, there and here again! Back to silver - why not dye it? I did and it came out well, but I was too impatient - I stuck the bow to the card, and guess what - the ink wasn't dry. I think this is where I came in!

In the end I did finish the card, but it did come very close to going in the bin!
Well No.16 done and dusted - back to the drawing board to see what I can do with my mishappens. Thanks for dropping by. See ya tomorrow.

Thursday 19 November 2009

Cuttlebug Oval Nestabilities

Are you busy? I am! When short of time and I have cards to make, my tip is to look for a beautiful paper, this will be your 'more' and you will need 'less'!

This card says it all.....
This card started out as a 4" x 4" White linen card. The golden holly design is a beautiful vellum, when overlaid on the white card - stunning!

Vellum being difficult to stick, I made the card a tent fold and wrapped the covering over to the back and fastened with DST and finished with a thick line peeloff, then fastened again on the front inside. Using an insert the adhesive is not noticeable.

Since the Vellum made such a statement, all I needed was a simple sentiment - a white oval Nestie on a scallop gold mirror mat. Under the mat, a mesh gold ribbon, and small gold beads twisted on fine wire completed my card.

Simple, quick and easy and yet a classic Christmas card - My No.15.

Wednesday 18 November 2009

Cuttlebug, Nestabilites, Borderabilities - Christmas 14

My Cuttlebug, Embossing Folders, Nestabilities, Borderabilities all have contributed to making this card

I used:
6" x 6" White Linen card
Crafts-too-you Snowflake folder
Borderabilities -Spade die
Nestabilites - Mega Rectangle
Dark blue paper, ink, various stamps
Ribbon, gem and stickles

Using the card as a tent fold - debossed the pattern so that it overlaps the centre fold, which you can then finish off with a scored line. This give a decorative edge to the inside of the card.

Stamping always gives me the jitters....
especially when I try to be clever! You will see that I have only die cut part of the Mega Rectangle Nestabilitie. The edges I chalked and added stickles in parts.
Now I stamped a border on the plain paper, and attached to the card leaving the top edge open to make a flap for the die cut to slot into. A dark blue wide ribbon covers the join.

Taking the ribbon over to the inside, (along with the now embossed pattern showing) the card is nicely decorated with the addition of a star.

The card was completed by sticking 2 Spades Borders together, one in blue the other in silver mirror board. You can see this technique here. All I needed then was a sprig of holly!
I like to ring the changes and try something different. This turned out well and I felt pleased to have combined different techniques, folders and dies. I buy must have's, but don't use - I think you'll know what I mean!

This is card No.14....nearly half way!!!! See ya tomorrow.