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My name is Eileen but to friends in the card making world I'm known as 'ikki'. (which is pronounced I-KEY) From where or how this came about I'm not sure - it just got shorten from my original craft name of Ikemo by various friends along my crafting way! I started crafting whilst recouperating from an accident, and from my first attempts with peeloffs and paint - I was hooked! Now my passion is my BUG! and now BEADING!

In the Cupboard you will find ideas, news, tips and techniques to help you get more from this fab little machine. So come in - join the fun and Cuttle with me!

Monday 31 January 2011

Cuttlebug, Joy Trouvaille news and Lines

Well I watched, correction started to watch the Cuttlebug programme, but it was such a dreadful demo that I switched off!  The new bug just doesn't do it for me!!  Again it seemed unstable and moved about when used - it doesn't have the weight or the feet as the old Bug, I wonder if that's why?  Interesting!

News on the JT is that the manufacturers of the machine have been informed, but unfortunately they are unavailable due to a trade show so I still have my broken machine and have to wait.  Not the ideal situation!
Still I'm assured it is in hand!!

This is the card that I showed you last week - now with a few further adorements...

These were cut with a crealie die

The shaped base card and the mats were cut from the Diamond Eazi Box but you will notice I have embossed a line round the edge.  This I did on the Eazi Scoreboad.....

You use the two close lines, line up one edge and score down the other

just before you reach the edge, keep the stylus in the groove, then pivot the paper and line up again

                                                        and continue round your shape.

Cuttlebug show

Just found out that Create and Craft have a Cuttlebug show this morning at 10.00am - wonder if they have anything new?  Back later, bye....

Sunday 30 January 2011

Marianne Creatable Dies

Hope my baby turtles made you smile, but how strange it is to hear your own voice!  By the way, it's not me shouting "Go Marky go", I christen my two babies Pedro and Grande and they both made the sea - wonder if they are still battling the waves?  Apparently, if they survive the dangers, they return to the same beach in 4 years time to lay their own eggs. 

I've been crafting this afternoon and used a new Marianne die that I bought a couple of weeks ago. 

Can't show you what I'm working on, but it included this little birdie.  You may wonder why it's sitting on an old Christmas card, well I was testing cutting and embossing it using the back of the card - it's a glossy type of card, and I found by accident that the embossing shows up really well.  So if you've not binned your chrissie cards, and are in to recycling  - you may like to try this!  Another tip would be to cover the back with DST before you emboss - and you get an instant sticker!

PS: Tomorrow at midnight, I will close the draw for the scoreboard - you need to be in it to win it! 

Diamond Card Craft Limited - Eazi Scoreboard

I have a surprise for you today, and that is a prize draw for an Eazi-Scoreboard! The prize has been kindly donated by the designer of the board, Phyllis the owner of Diamond Card Crafts.

"Make scoring and folding your cards easy with this versatile 7 lined scoring, folding and embossing board. Use your board to fold those awkward folds with ease, no experience necessary- place your card to the butt bar and score..
* Numbered and named grooves
* Designed so Left handed people can use with ease
* Lightweight (weighs just 8 ounces) and washable
* Free Box Making Templates
* Free Scoring and Folding Tool
* 5 Embossing features

Left Handed? - Do you struggle to use conventional boards - let the Eazi-score® help, this board was designed with left handed people in mind
* DL - Tri Fold - Zig Zag and more
* Gatefolds and Half folds or gift tags just score
* No more measuring
* Simply place your card stock to the butt bar and score
* No more nasty creases
* Smooth and fold with your FREE EAZI-FOLD TOOL
* Emboss straight or wavy lines diagonally or horizontally onto your cards and boxes.
* Emboss Flowers, Butterflies Hearts or Diamonds onto your cards.
* Left Handed? turn the board 180°"

Phyllis will be demonstrating using some of her company's products on Create and Craft on Tuesday 11th January at 4pm - so why not tune in and see how versatile the board and her other templates are.  

 If you would like the chance of winning this prize, you can have up to 3 entries!
1)  Just leave a comment at the end of this post for 1 entry
2)  Become a follower of the Cupboard and leave another comment stating "follower" for your 2nd entry. (If you already follow the Cupboard, please still leave me a comment so you get your second entry)
3)  Post a link of the draw on your blog and leave another comment stating "link" for a 3rd go.

You have until Monday, January 31st when I will close the draw and use the random generator to pick a winner.  Good Luck!

Thanks Diamond Card Crafts for donating this prize, and good luck for a most successful show on Tuesday.

Saturday 29 January 2011

Hi, today I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that I have mastered editing three clips of films that Dave took on holiday and that I can share with you this brilliant experience of releasing baby turtles into a beautiful bay near to Acapulco.

Hope you enjoy watching these baby turtles starting out on their journey.  As you will soon realise we all had an absolutly brilliant time!

Friday 28 January 2011

Followers Gallery

Friday and it's time to showcase my Followers' Gallery. The card I have selected today is by Tracy from Scrapcatssscribbles.  Dies of all shapes lend themselve to easel cards and this one is real cute using plain and scallop circles.  The image is also a cutie by Lili Of The Valley and reminds me of being a child - "he loves, he loves me not" - I'm sure many of us have played this game!  Pop over to Tracy's blog and have a look at her other work, it's always good to make new crafting friends.

Thanks Tracy for supporting the Cupboard and welcome to the FFG.  Please send your fairy over here to blow some lucky fairy dust my way!

Thursday 27 January 2011

Tippy Thursday

Hi, a quick post today - I had intended to try to answer some of the questions that you had asked re the Joy Trouvaille, but under the circumstances of it breaking and although the manufacturer has asked a distributor to contact me and he has, the machine still remains broken, but now unjammed!  So, I'm now waiting for some answers myself.

Disappointed that I am with Joy Crafts themselves for their lack of response, I cannot say that about Diamond Card Crafts who have donated the draw prize that ends on Monday. Phyllis, the owner, was so pleased that I had used her eazi box board for my octagon card on Monday, that she contacted me with the offer of anyone purchasing one of these boards from her, she would post free of charge to anywhere in the world.  If you should be interested, just quote "ikki" when you order.
Thanks Phyllis, that was a really nice gesture, suppliers like you restore one's faith! 

If you havenot already entered the draw - check out the post below

Wednesday 26 January 2011

Update on my JT problem

H, just to udate you on the situ today. I have contacted the manufacturer of the machine and await their reply. Hopefully I will have some positive news soon. In the meantime, little BUG where are you....

Tuesday 25 January 2011


Hi, thought I shall say that tonight whilst trying to emboss a folder - my new JT broke! I will update you asap on the outcome, but at the moment the plates are jammed in the machine. I'm really disappointed - it seemed so promising! If you have a JT - take care if it's stiff when embossing with folders - stop. Don't risk breaking yours!

Monday 24 January 2011

Large Octagon Card using a Box-eazi Board and Octagon Nestabilities

Hi, I'm a little late posting today, I had a policelady call on me regarding my accident last year - and it threw me a bit and brought back some painful memories!

When Diamond Card Crafts donated an Eazi Scoreboard to the Cupbaord, Phyllis kindly send me their Eazi Box board to use. The board  has triangular, pentagonal, octagonal shapes together with straight lines, enabling you to make not only cards but boxes.  I like octagonal shapes and since there are no Grand octagon dies available, this was just what I needed to compliment my Nestie octagon dies and produce a larger card. 
There are 6 sizes on the board - from 2.1/4" to 8".
I started by cutting out templates and playing around with them  to see what you could achieve. 

and decided on an easel card using the 5.1/2" shape and it was easy! 

Unfortunately, owing to my visitor this morning, only the two largest shapes were taken from the board - in order to complete the card in a hurry, I used 3 Nesties dies, and think I need something (????) else on the front - perhaps a crealie flower would be right?!?!? 

Sunday 23 January 2011


Hi, I have now had the chance to emboss and die cut with this new machine, which I have nicknamed my "JT", and I'm impressed! 

The machine comes with an instruction leaflet and 5 plates (including an A4 embossing mat).  The plates are different colours and also clearly marked apart from the embossing mat.  Like the Bug and any other machines the cutting plate marks.  I like this colour coding, and once used to which colour is which plate, think it will make finding the plate you want much easier!  This is an advantage over the clear plates of the Bug, where I still have to look to make sure I have the right one.

The machine has a very good suction system making it very stable, and the handle turns easily and without the sqeak made by the Grand Calibur whenever I've seen it demonstrated.  The handle is also removeable and can be stored in the compartment on top of the machine.  When I first used the machine, it did seem to be a long winding process, and I thought if only using the front part of the plate,  running it back would be quicker - take warning here because although it does reverse and is slightly quicker, the handle can spin and it's spins faster than you can wind!  I know because it slapped me a couple of times and it hurt!! 

Die cutting:  I have tried and successfully cut my Spellbinder, JoyCraft, Marianne and Nellie Snellen dies with no problems.  In fact, hope my Bug's not listening, it actually cut the intricate Marianne and NS dies in one go with a nice clean cut.  You still have the problem of getting the cut out, but I think even that was easier.  Sorry Bug! 

Embossing:  Again no problems with my folders (Crafts 2 U, Cuttlebug, Joy Crafts, Sizzix), I have yet to try Creative Expression folders, but I'm assured that these work well and I hope to have a few to try soon.  It is the larger folders that will be useful in the JT.  I did notice that when embossing with a heavy cardstock (300gsm) wrapped round the folder that it required more winding power, but since I very rarely emboss in this way - for me no problem, but for you?  Having said that, the machine did emboss the card and with use might get easier (or I stronger)!  I was probably being a little cautious not wanting to force or damage anything, but thought I should mention it! 

Storage: This is often a problem for crafters, me included which is why I bought the Bug in the first place, but actually although the JT is heavier than the Bug, there is not a lot of difference in the actual space needed to store them - much to my surprise!  Since the handle on the Bug is fixed, and the handle on the JT is removement - very little difference in length (about 2").  Of course, on the New Bug V2 the handle is removeable so that will take up less space. Width: again not a lot of difference.  The JT is like a rectangle box - it looks solid and so, much bigger and is not a pretty bright colour, whereas the Bug is curvy shape and a great colour (the new Bug V2 is a super shaped machine (much like a handbag!) and is even lighter), but since the feet of the Bug stick out - not a lot of difference in the actual space required for storage.  In fact at this moment my Bug is sitting on top of JT quite neatly.  It is not going to be forgotten!  The Bug does, however, score when the platforms are down.  The JT then takes up more room and even more when operating.  So for storage space not too much of a difference, but for limited operating space - it's the Bug and forgo the advantages of a larger embossing and die cutting machine. 

I'm happy with the JT, it seems to work well and the larger cutting and embossing possibilities appeal to me, but I have to admit that the new Grand dies are expensive.  However, I think there will be many times when I turn to the Bug for small one-off cutting jobs because of the quickness.  So, unlike the advice given by Create and Craft last week, I will not be giving my beloved well used Bug away!

If you are looking to buy a new machine, I cannot tell you which machine you should go for - as you will have read, there are advantages and disadvantages with both, but both work well!  You will need to take into account what you are actually looking to do with the machine, the cost; and the space needed to store and operate the machine. 

I have now opened new pages relating to embossing and die cutting and the relevant sandwich recipes.
You will find these pages listed above and by clicking on them you will arrive at the right place. I do intend to cover all machines, but I'll have to do some research before I give info on them.

Since I've had many requests for info on the JT, I hope you'll find this post useful and informative, and if I can answer any other questions that you have, please shout!

Tomorrow I hope to show you another way of making a larger card, hope you'll have time to drop by.

Saturday 22 January 2011

Eazi Scoreboard - lines, lines, and more lines!

The card I have to show you today was done with my Eazi Scoreboard. 
Some boards have lots of lines at equal distance, but you only need two lines to complete this sunray design.
You start on  line 1 and score from corner to corner.  Then keeping the stylus on the same corner line,
 move the scored line to the line 2 on the board and score again so your new line appears at an different angle to first, and so on, and on.  I work one way from the centre line until I have half of my pattern.  To complete the pattern -  you move the bottom corner to line 2 and reposition again at line 1.
Be sure to line up the ends of both lines to the grooves in the board before you score.
This is a very simple, quick to make card, but I think its very effective - eazi score scores again!
Well, I'm still playing with my JOY, my hubby thinks if I continue to call it my Joy I will be getting even more funny emails than usual! So JT it is. My testing (okay playing) of the JT is progressing well and I hope  to give you a full report tomorrow.
The draw for an Eazi Scoreboard donated by Diamond Card Crafts is open until Monday 3lst January, and you will find the details on the post below. 

Friday 21 January 2011

New Pages in the Cupboard

I have now started to add new pages to the Cupboard and you will find them listed above this post you just need to click on them and they should (fingers crossed) take you to the page you want.  What is on the pages is self explanatory and they are incomplete at the moment, BUT hopefully they will keep appearing and contain useful info for you all at a click. 

I have received so many lovely encouraging remarks this last week about the Cupboard contents, usefullness, and my artwork and I thank you all for taking the time to comment and of course visit.  The Cupboard would certainly be empty without you!  Unfortunately because of my heavy workload at the moment I'm finding it difficult to return your visits, but hopefully soon.  

The draw is still open - closing date Monday 31st January - be in it to win it!


Thursday 20 January 2011

Joy Trouvaille Die Cutting Machine

Well I've ordered the Joy Crafts Trouvaille die cutting machine and it should (everything crossed!) arrive today!  I'm like a child on Christmas Eve! 

I waited patiently to see the new Cuttlebug V2 and I was so disappointed with the presentation by the demonstrators on C&C, and the presenters eventually got on my nerves with their stupid comments that I feel I have made the right decision after months of dittering!  I have the Cutting/Embossing sandwich for the machine - they are very concise and tested by an owner/seller, but I obviously have not tested them myself.  As soon as I can I will, and I'm also thinking of adding a new page to the Cupboard that will cover all the recipes in one place, which will make them more accessible.  That's another job in progress!

Tips for today:

Wire - if you want to make embellishments, I find a finer wire the best.  I've no idea what it's called - mine came in a job lot from ebay, some even off a bottle of wine!  (That's something else you now know about me - I like wine - preferably RED if you're buying!)     When I first started using beads and wire, I bought a box of mixed colours of a thick wire and beads - I have use some of it, but it is more difficult to loop.  You also need round nose and cutting pliers. 

Glue - I have a thing about getting messy glue on cards - I'm a bit of a tidy freak I suppose.  I use various types depending on what I'm doing, but a  most useful is a Prit stick (or even the cheaper sticks sold in Poundland etc., work well).  When using DST - you can run the glue stick over it so you have a bit of play before the tape graps.  If you find the glue has gone (not sure of the word) but lumpy, not running well, I find that my spotlight above my desk comes to it's rescue.  Just a couple of seconds close to the light and the heat warms the glue and it will then run smooth.  Worth a try instead of binning it as I used to do! 

Well back to watching for the postie, so for now "bye".


By the way the draw for a new scoreboard is still open - check out the post below. 

Wednesday 19 January 2011

New Cuttlebug viz Joy Trouvaille

Today on Create and Craft they are highlighting the new Cuttlebug - it really is a stylish fab looking machine!  But, how sad (for me) that although they have improved the machine - it's lighter and the handle can be slotted back into the machine when not in use, they have not made the actually embossing size (ie the roller size) any bigger.  It's still 6"!   AND, they have not included the C Plate in the price.  If you are considering buying - be aware that you need this plate if you are thinking of cutting dies. The price of the machine is £99.99 + postage £2.99 (or £2 if ordered on the net) and does include 9 embossing folders - but most are Christmas themed!

You may be asking why I would like a larger aperture size than 6".  Just a personal preference! It's because I like to be able to emboss straight onto my card base and move my folders to emboss in different areas otherthan all over and with the new 7" x 5" folders you cannot do this unless the card is wrap round the embossing folder, which restricts the use of the folder - it will only go through one way! AND, even the demonstrators were having difficulty this morning with their new Plus folder that emboss and cut when they were putting them through with just one piece of card, hopefully they will have perfected their technique later in the day!  If you only emboss on a piece of card - no probs.

For me it's the new Joy Trouvaille machine and I hope to have mine by the end of this week.  This machine is defo not pretty nor stylish - but it does have the ability to take A4 cardstock and will make embossing wherever I want a dream!  I have even invested in 2 sets of the Grand dies - large cards - no prob - watch this space - I have ideas running round my head.  (Just hope my Bug will love my new Joy has much as I still love my old Bug).  The price of the Joy from Make a Lasting Impression is £87.00 with postage (48 hour delivery) £12.50.

Talking of large cards - the template for my Belle of the Ball card is on my list of "to do".

Thanks for dropping by, have a great crafting day and don't forget to tune in to C&C later today and check out the NEW Bug.  See what you think....and let me know.

Monday 17 January 2011

Temporary halt to crafting!

As I mentioned the other day, my desk is in need of some TLC......

so crafting is somewhat limited today and I cannot finish my intended project - hopefully tomorrow all will be back in place!

It's time for a tidy up, not to mention having to hoover out the drawers for bits of sawdust! 

In the meantime I thought I show you  a card that I did recently for EIDT that features getting more use from your scoreboard  ......

How's this for a nice dress! Stamped in black and embossed then colours with various green distress inks.

My lady making a grand entrance down a panelled staircase.

The rolled back effect was achieved by first making a diagonal cut plus an extra 1.1/2" to the front of the card. Then with the right  side facing upmost, I scored several lines very close together, leaving a wider section near the edge unscored.  This looks wrong because the embossed lines are on the wrong side, but it is actually right!  On the first score line, turn back the lines and make a good crease.   Next I added a foam strip for padding (the depth of this depends on the effect you want to achieve) along the lines and on the unscored section added double sided tape.  Stick the lined panel down.  I was aiming for this to appear as a bannister, so to complete I added more lines and some stamped and embossed swirls. 

Hope this makes sense, if not shout!!!!!   I think I might do a tutorial base card when I have my desk back, but until then enjoy your day and thanks for dropping by.  

By the way my draw for a scoreboard is still open - check it out in the post immediately below.

Sunday 16 January 2011

Simplicity and a New Blog called "Less is more"

 On a grey day - a cheerful card to lift my mood.....
This stamped panel was another of the "bits" I had lying around, so being in my messing about mood, I decided to do something with it.  Again, not a good day for photography! 

The stamps are one of my favourite sets from EI. The main panel : stamped in black stazon, coloured with various distress inks and then triple embossed.  I went for a (bold for me) straight stamping onto card for the background again with distress inks.

There was a reason why I when for a simple, clean card today, and that was to practice for a forthcoming venture by my cuttling mate Chrissie, who along with her friend Mandi are setting up a NEW weekly challenge blog called "Less is more".  This is a technique which I like and so I hope to join in with their first challenge on Saturday 5th February.  If you also like this style of artwork, why not pop over to their new blog and join in - you will be find some very interesting and talented crafters at work, and Chrissie and Mandi would be real chuffed to see you.

To everyone who has left comment over the last week, you have cheered up me no end!  Thank you soooo much, I really do appreciate your support.  Today has been a much more positive day, although my desk has yet to be glued!  I have even had a thought or two outside the box - it must be your encouragement!

Saturday 15 January 2011

Just one of those days!

Hi, I'm having just one of those days, in fact it seems to be one of those weeks!  I'm not happy with anything I do!!  I keep losing things; I keep starting things; there seems to be nothing in my head, let alone thinking outside the box as Julie!!!  My desk has broken and is in need of some strong glue, on the positive side I shall have to clear it ready for repair - that means putting things away and hopefully when the glue has set and I have a clear space - my head will be clear too!! 

Apart from an unfinished octagon easel card, a couple of unfinished tags....this is all I have done since Monday....
My computer is on a go slow, and even the light is against me, it's very dark and gloomy, but as yet no rain so not all bad!  This is one of the second lot of pictures I've taken over the last two days of a cream card, and it's not very good, but at least proves I'm still here!

I'm determine to use some of the bits and pieces that I have accumulated over the year, and this is one such piece of paper.  There are times when I wish I could throw things away!The folder is from Crafts 2 U, just a bit different from the Swiss Dots, but at least the pattern is matchable for larger areas and the folder is a full A6 size and gives a good embossed pattern without breaking the card fibres.    If any new readers are wondering about these folders - I buy all my folders from Liz at Make a lasting impression, she had a good range, is very reasonably priced and very reliable.


Friday 14 January 2011

Friday Followers' Gallery - What a neat trick with Nestabilities Circles!

Wow, is this thinking outside the box! 

Julie made this card with Nestie circles!  Very clever Julie!!  If you would like to see how to achieve this - check out Julie's blog on this link

Thanks Julie for allowing me to post your great card in my Friday Followers' Gallery - I love to see such inspirational artwork and I know others will too!

Sunday 9 January 2011

My Eazi Score board by Diamond Card Crafts

My "Eazi Score" Scoreboard is the most used piece of equipment in my craft room - yes, even more than my beloved Bug!  Since you often ask about it, I thought I give it a prominent place on its own today.

It cost me £10/11 about 6/7 years ago and shows no signs of wear and tear despite me throwing it on the floor after use (not temper I hasten to add - just shortage of space),  and I still use the original scoring tool.    I have two other embossing stylus pens that work equally as well.  The one I use most is the one I find first! 

I didn't realise how much I use this board until someone remarked about a card having my signature lines!
So here a card with lots of them......
just goes to show you don't need expensive tools to create an interesting look!
.  The stamps are by Carrie called Earth Spirit.
  On a cold, grey, damp day - how cheering the sun looks!

Since interest has been shown by so many, I will in future add any cards with lines to the label section under "Eazi Scoreboard". 
I'm in Edinburgh today looking after our grandaughters, and we have snow - hopefully ( fingers crosed) it will be gone tomorrow when we travel home!  It's a good day for crafting and Barbara Grey of Clarity Stamps is on C & C at 11pm for two hours of her inspirational stamping.  I'm hoping the girls will let me watch!

PS:  Since writing this post I have a surprise for you, which I have to say I'm absolutely chuffed to receive from Diamond Card Crafts.  Tomorrow I will be posting details of a first in the Cupboard and I hope you'll drop by and join me. 

Friday 7 January 2011

Friday Followers Gallery

Unfortunately I don't have any cards to put in the FFG, hope to hear from someone soon!!!!!!  Don't be shy - share your work with me.

Thursday 6 January 2011

Using Tippy Thurday

Hi my friends, thanks for popping over on this TippyThursday.  My post today is short but hopefully useful!

On my sidebar I have added a feature called "receive an email on new posts".  If you enter your email address in the space provided, you will receive an email whenever I post.  It's a free service aimed at keeping you in touch with blogs you follow.  It will also be useful if you do not have a blog.

I know I have been blogging on about my "Labels Section", and today is no exception!  Over many months I have been writing my Tippy Thursday posts and I know there is a lot of useful info there and also comments and experiences of other crafters.  I cannot sort out all the different areas covered in the posts, but what I can do is suggest that reading some of them will assisr you with your die cutting and embossing.  

Tuesday 4 January 2011

Favourite techniques of 2010 - Stamping, Masking and Distress Inks

At the start of a new year I look back at what I have been doing to see if I'm getting in a rut, and if so where can I go?!??!?to keep my crafting fresh.

At the beginning of 2010,  I found that by looking at a few challenge blogs for ideas, I would like to try my hand at stamping, masking and colouring with Distress Inks.

This was one of my first attempts in January (inspired by the talented Barbard Grey from Clarity Stamps)and I was well chuffed to received a prize!

With my prize.....

the result remains in my card box - at the time I couldn't decide what to do it - now I don't want to do anything with other than look!

Later in the year, after visiting the NEC and buying a set of stamps from Elusive Images, this is card appeared in the Cupboard....

I did do something with this one, I submitted it along with a few others to EI when they were looking for new members to their DT. 

I feel now that I have improved my technique using make-up sponges, cut'n'dry and a blending tools, that brayering would be the next move, but this seems a bit too difficult so I'm going  to try using brushes???? Now waiting for arrival of my parcel....watch this space to see if I can incorporate this technique  with cuttling!?!??!?!?