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My name is Eileen but to friends in the card making world I'm known as 'ikki'. (which is pronounced I-KEY) From where or how this came about I'm not sure - it just got shorten from my original craft name of Ikemo by various friends along my crafting way! I started crafting whilst recouperating from an accident, and from my first attempts with peeloffs and paint - I was hooked! Now my passion is my BUG! and now BEADING!

In the Cupboard you will find ideas, news, tips and techniques to help you get more from this fab little machine. So come in - join the fun and Cuttle with me!

Thursday 28 May 2009

Tippy Thursday #4 Spellbinders Nestabilities

Week 4 - what have I got for you today??????

Well lets start with Nestabilities and the confusion they cause us!!!!

First you have various shapes: Circle, Oval, Square, and Rectangle. Sounds straight forward enough. But, then we begin with Standard Large, then Standard Small, followed by Classic, Petite, Scalloped, Pinking, Inverted Scalloped. The list is growing and therefore the choices and the confusion as to what is what!

First lets start with Large and Small - this rule covers all of the shapes because they all interact in the same way.
For example: The largest Large in any of the Nestie shapes is the largest die. If you placed the largest Small shape inside this, and continued the pattern down to the smallest Small you would have a complete set of dies graduating down in 1/8" increments. So you can choose to have both sets of Large and Small , or go for just one set when the difference between the dies would be 1/4". A tip for you - if you are looking at Large and Small die sets - and cannot tell the difference - look for the smallest die - that is the Small set! This applies to any of the Nestie set of dies.

Nestabilitie Circles.

Standard Large
(S4-114) is a basic circle that co-ordinates with all LARGE die sets with shaped edges.

Classic Scalloped Circle Large (S4 - 124)
Petite Scalloped Circle Large (S4 - 115)
Pinking Circle Large (4 - 171)
Classic Inverted Scalloped Large (S4 -194)

Standard Small (S4 - 116) is a basic circle that co-ordinates with all SMALL die sets with shaped edges.

Classic Scalloped Small (S4 - 125)
Petite Scalloped Small ( S4 - 117)
Pinking Circle Small (S4 - 172)
Classic Inverted Scalloped Small (S4 - 195)

Final tip: The difference between Classic Scalloped and Petite Scalloped is the number of scallops round the edge. Classic - 22 Petite - 37.

Next week I will list the Oval Nestie details, but for now enough is enough - I'm getting confused, but sincerely hope you are not, and that this info will be useful.

Sunday 24 May 2009

Cuttlebug - Adapting Folders

Cuttlebug folders can sometimes be adapted to make a different embossed pattern. If you have not seen my tutorial on MFP's (Modifying Folder Pads) you will need to check here

Materials used
Cardstock 6" x 8" scored to make a Tall Slim Card
Cuttlebug Stylized Flower Folder

The first emboss

Sandwich: A B Folder and card MFP 1Shim
You will NOT need the second B plate
(less pressure is better than to much - or you will get crease lines! So start with l slim)

Now emboss another piece of the folder with another MFP

You will now have this pattern

To finish the card you will need a few bits and pieces

The bits and pieces I added

My finished card

How different this looks! Hope you like this idea, love to hear if it works for you!

Wednesday 20 May 2009

Tippy Thursday #3

Hi There, Tippy Thursday again and this week I have found an absolutely brill tip for you.

If you have any of the Spellbinders Nestabilities, or are thinking of investing in any, you need to check this out because it will give you insight into just what these dies can do!!!! Melanie's great idea for making new shapes out of your exisiting Nesties. Check it out - now! IT IS A MUST! I'd never thought of this one - WOW, what a tip! Thanks Melanie.

I can't follow this up it's just sooooo good, but what I'm going to do over the next week is to try and sort out a list of names. What names you might ask - well come back next week and I'll tell you?!?!!?!?

Have a good week,

Sunday 17 May 2009

Spellbinders Piercerabilities

Although I enjoyed so much making my wedding cards with the Nestie Heart dies, I felt it was time to move on and try something completely different - Piercerabilities.

I purchased these dies along with some plain squares from Make a Lasting Impression. You will find a link on the side bar. I can only say that my dealings with this company have been very satisfactory. They are quick, efficient, and reliable - and in this day and age - what more can you ask for?

To make my card I used Co-ordinations cardstock (140 cms square), and the scalloped die cut.

Place your die carefully on the edge of the front card and run through the bug. Then do the same on the back edge. It is better to do this twice because of the thickness, with a thinner card you might get away with it, BUT remember the golden rule - NEVER FORCE.

Sandwich: A. B. Card. Die cut face down. C (This may be different to the way you do it - but I have found that this way makes it easier to see where to place the die and I have had no problems with plates bending or breaking)

Now you can emboss the front edge. If you have not done this
before - check here

Having embossed - place the stencil on the front edge and using a soft pad and piercing pen, follow the pattern.

This is the pattern when embossed and pierced.

I have chosen to use a beautiful paper that I have been hording since last September. Today was the day to cut it......always hard.....I have cut a piece to fit the front card and scalloped both edges. I like to fold over the top of the card for a neat edge and thought why not scallop this too. If you carefully line up the paper scalloped edge to the card scallop you can achieve a diamond effect between the two - Looks good!
I also used my new square die cuts for matting and laying.

My embellishment when finished

My finished card

Using the pierceabilitie dies give a great border effect. You could also use them to make a border ribbon, or just to scallop the edges. I have yet to try scalloping three edges, but I will! It must to possible!!! Will let you know when I get it right. Thanks for dropping by, if you feel like leaving a comment - please do.

Saturday 16 May 2009

My Nestie Hearts - so useful

Yet another wedding card - I'm so glad I bought these Nestie Hearts! They have been so useful this week and make the most perfect embellishment for any love theme project. I printed the words on pearlised card and then cut the hearts and embossed them. With a few flowers, feathers, beads and ribbon - done! The card by DCWV was a very classy pearlised stripe print in gold and off white. Just made for a wedding! I've really enjoyed my crafting this week, it's been a pleasure to work with lovely materials that make such simple yet elegant cards. I think this is the style that I like best! I must be a romatic at heart!

This week has been an amazing week and I would like to say a thank you to all of you that have visited my blog and made it so successful. I really do appreciate your support and hope that you have found something useful that will help you make more use out of our wonderful little green bug! I'll be back on Monday with something new.....

Thursday 14 May 2009

Tippy Thursday

Gosh, how the week flies when you're cuttling!

From last weeks tips embossing with stylus pen - I received the following additions:
Shirley (aka Shrilly Kent) - a bar of soap
Mary (aka smokiesmum) tumble dryer sheet, which also smells nice.
Both ladies are from the DC forum - thank you both for your suggestions.

I saw this next tip on SCS, but cannot give credit as I cannot find it again. Sorry! I have not tried this but it's on my list of "to do's". RUB-ONS. Just remove the backing sheet so it's ready to apply and run through the Bug. Seems easier than all that rubbing with a lolly stick!

I also received this suggestion from Liz (Fiffa DC) - Why not be adverturous with your frames. A circle with an oval/a square with an circle/a square with a square offset/Rectangle with a square. You no doubt have other suggestions???? Thanks Liz.

My tip of the week - on my last wedding card you will see a white flower. It is so pretty and just the thing for weddings, BUT the backing was so big that it stuck up and made it look ugly in the posy. I tried undoing the backing; I tried pushing and pulling - but no luck and THEN worth a try - ran it through the BUG and swoshed it! BUG to the rescue yet again - it did the trick and didn't spoil the flower. Thanks bug!

Off now to do some more cuttling projects for next week, hope you'll join me. If you have any tips/suggestions/ideas that you would like to share with us, please let me know - I'd love to hear from you.

Monday 11 May 2009

Adapting folders with modifying folder pad

Making cards larger than the Cuttlebug folder is the topic that I'm illustrating this week. Sometimes a client wants a bigger card size!
BUT, still wants an embossed card!!! Sometimes the client wants a picture!!! This is something that you can achieve....

Materials used:
A4 White linen cardstock with PC generated sentiment
Swiss Dots Folder
Modifying Folder Pad (MFP)If you have not seen this before you will find instuctions here
Photo provided
bits and bobs from stash

Having printed the sentiment and centre score the cardstock,
position the folder as shown with the MFP taped in place and run through the Bug

Sandwich: A B Folder with card wrapped round, MFP (shim if necessary)


The result you get

Reposition the folder and MFP on the other side as shown and using the same sandwich, run through the Bug

You will see from the close-up that with this folder you do get a slight impression at the edge of the pattern

BUT, you can overcome this by using your scoreboard and using the marks as a guide - get rid of them!

Your finished embossed card

I'm making this card for a Naming Day and I was a little stumped as to what kind of card to make! In the end the client decided to have a photo on the card

My finished Naming Day

My problem of making a larger sized card with an embossed pattern, has been solved by using a modifying folder pad. You can adapted this to any folder, and also increase or decrease the border by changing the size of the MFP - what you are actually doing is making your OWN border folder. Neat, eh! You can also emboss straight on to the card without having to cover up lines with ribbons etc., and the result looks crisp, clean and professional.
Hope you'll find this useful. I'll be back on Tippy Thursday - hope you'll drop by and if you have any ideas or tips that you would like to share with me and my cuttling friends I'd love to hear from you.

Saturday 9 May 2009

Be Inspired Cuttlebug Challenge 30#

The month of May - it's time for Weddings! My Nestie heart dies are sure coming in handy!

The Cuttlebug Challenge this weeks was guess what - Yes, weddings and so.... I have made a card and boxed it. This is was a new venture for me, never made a box before - it's not perfect but does make the card look good and expensive!

Inside the card I used the heart dies and also for the embellishment. The initials are from the Harmony set - couldn't be more appropriate!

Thursday 7 May 2009

Tippy Thursday

Hi, I'm receiving so many questions, and also tips from fellow Cuttlers, that I thought I would start a "Tippy Thursday"! If you have any queries or tips that you would like answered or would like to share - please get in touch with me.

This weeks tips are:

If you are in need of inspiration, or have lost your mojo, there are some fab crafters who like me believe in sharing their work with others, but do remember to give them a mention and link if possible.

Mel McCarthy is one such person. Her work covers many areas of crafting, AND she has a list "100 and counting" ways to use the Cuttlebug. I feel very honoured to have made her list with some of my work, and would suggest you give her a visit.

For another great source of ideas try "Inspirational Tips and Techniques" - you will find the link on my side bar.

A member of the DC forum (Gremlin) passed on this tip. If you have Nestie rectangle dies but want to make a square but don't have the Nestie squares......Cut out your rectangle....then cut it again to make a square.... Neat eh... AND, if you have the squares, but not the rectangles you can do this the other way round. Thanks Sue.

My tip this week covers using the ball embossing pen to increase the definition in embossing, if you have not see this before it's here. Now, to make your pen flow easily round the die, first rub your pen over a candle you will find this works really well.

Bye for now. Don't forget to get in touch with me - I know you have great tips that will be really useful to us all.

Sunday 3 May 2009

Debossed D'vine Swirls Folder and Nestabilities

In this week's tutorial I have used the D'vine Swirl Folder and Heart Nesties to make a Wedding Day Card. These two were made for each other! So what else could I possibly use?

Materials used: A4 sheet of White Linen cardstock
Folder: D'vine Swirls
2 Heart Nestie Dies
Harmony Alphabet
Flowers, ribbon and beads

I first printed the words on A4 card - cut the card to 28 cms x 14 cms - scored a centre line and folded. I also scored lines just above the words.

The front of the card - the scored lines give a good edge to line the folder up to, and they just look like they should be there to finish off the pattern.
To make the card a little different, I've used the debossing method by using the folder on the reverse side. Position the folder just above the scored line. This is a brill folder because you can use it from the top, bottom or sideways, which is the way I have used it and the pattern looks right each way. The Cuttlebug logo is now underneath.

Run through the Bug - Sandwich : A/ B/ Card in folder but not wrapped round/ B
Your base card now looks like this - after I had added another line.

Next for the embellishment - Cut 2 different size hearts
Sandwich: A/ B/ card/ Die -cut side down/ C
Now to emboss these
Sandwich: A/ Die (cut edge up) with card inside/ Tan Mat and Shims (you know how many your machine will need)/ 2 B plates
Run through the Bug

Leave the card inside when you have embossed - turn over and with a scoring pen run round the edge again.

and here you will see why I do this. The embossed edge is now super defined!

To finish my card I have made initials with my Harmony Alphabet and made a flower embellishment with added beads and ribbon

The topper for my card

and my finished card.
I love the D'vine swirls folder and when you deboss the pattern it gives a completely different look. I'm not sure whether I like it embossed or debossed best -How about you?
Hope you'll come a cuttling with me next week.