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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Spellbinder Borderabilities Dies

This week I feel I'm on a roundabout and someone (????) is making it go faster, and faster. Please stop I need time to think - it's Tippy Thursday again!

I have the Spades Borderabilities. They make a grand border, but because of the intricate nature of the cut, it's difficult to press them out of the die! I've tried pins, needles, sissors - they all worked but take time. Problem - I don't like fiddly things and have little time! Then I read this tip from the Spellbinder Forum - it's a must to pass on to you. Wax paper! This will help with any intricate die for example the snowflakes. Thanks Spellbinder Forum.

Bug Sandwich: A plate, B plate, card, wax paper, die, C plate
(You will need to adjust the sandwich to other die cutting machines.)
NB: You can also use this sandwich:  A plate, C plate, die, card, B plate

I have also tried this with Greaseproof paper - it works. Rubbing over with a candle also works, but it's messy.  Updated 1/8/2010:  after rubbing candle over the die, buff the wax onto the die, it acts like a polish!

Using the wax or greaseproof paper, the die cut comes away with ease. Here you will see one with the bits pushed out and the others left in. Why? because if you do this...run tape across the back before removing the cut from the die and it STOPS the bits coming out - then you get another look. Cool hey! Brill effect using thick gold and silver mirror card.

Then you can do this....
add a card/paper die cut over the gold/silver base. Another completely different look - making your Borderabilities more versatile! I do like value for money!!

Back on Monday, till then happy Cuttling,


Annie said...

Wow amazing stuff - thank you for the great tips.

Ann xxx

Chrissie said...

That is a real fabby border die and you have made it seem as though you have about three or four different ones. That is a brill idea of putting the DST on the card before removing it from the die.
Clever old you.
Another winner!

Merry said...

Wow...you sure have been experimenting. Great ideas. Now to get a borderbility. :-)

1CardCreator said...

Thanks for the great tips! ~Diane

Pink Dandelion said...

What a fab tip, thanks for passing it on to us. Debs xx