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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Tippy Thursday - Breast Cancer - Donate a card

Last year after receiving unexpected RAK's to cheer me up, I decided I should do something more positive. From my experience of friends being diagnosed with Cancer, I decided to support my local Breast Cancer Unit at the North Staffs Hospital by making and selling Christmas cards. Breast screening is so important and I always attend mammograms, but when last week I was recalled for a second screening the hard facts of this disease and the trauma hit home! I was lucky - after further investigations I was discharged. Others I know were not! I was very impressed with the BSC staff - they were kind, considerate, understanding of my fears, but at the same time very professional and efficient. You will understand now why I will be continuing to support this worthy cause, which needs help to help other women.

I created this blog to help others. I realise from the number of comments and visitors that use the blog that it is a useful tool to Cuttlebug fans and also to owners of other die cutting machines, because all my work can be adapted. Now I'm going to ask you to help me - how? By donating a card!

The card will be sold by the Clinic to raise funds. It can be any type of occasion card, with an envelope and in a polybag.

I can only stress how important it is for all women to attend mammogram screening. You will find facts and information at The Breast Cancer Site here. You will be helping by just a visit and a click!

Please can you help me? You will find my contact details at the top of the comments page.


ikki said...

If you would like to help this worthy cause, please leave your email address here, or email me at


and I will contact you.

Many thanks. ikki

Unknown said...

Hi Ikki
First off I want to thank you for continuing your Blog and your cuttlebug tips - I read them and reread them.
I have a question - what do you use as Plate A when cutting the 12" borderabilities. I've tried with the normal Cuttlebug 'A' plate but when embossing, after cutting, things slip and slide and get out of place. Can you help.

Anonymous said...

So pleased your results were good,I had to go for 2nd biopsy a few years ago but all was well, I am happy to donate some cards as my sister died from cancer, thank you so much for all your help and idea's on this blog, Christine (Tilly Trotter)

Jennie - The Crafty Wife said...

I'd love to ikki, for all that you give us of your time and knowledge it will be my way of thank you. you.

Karen said...

Hi Ikki I am new to Cuttlebugging and have found your blog to be extremely helpful. I would love to return the help by donating some cards for your appeal. Karen

Highland Handmade said...

Hi Ikki your blog is a wonderful help to lots of people me included. I would love to send you a couple of cards for such a worthy cause.
Please could you email me your contact details at the email address below.
Tams xxx


Sarah said...

Please can I have your address to send you a few cards. Thank you x


Anonymous said...

Hi Ikki, would love to help by donating a card. My email address is arnold77@btinternet.com
Look forward to hearing from you
Sandra (Dec'O'Cards, DC)

melissa75 said...

Hi - I'll happily send you a few cards - do they have to be xmas ones?


Anonymous said...

Ikki, I'd love to help.


CT19720 said...

Hi Ikki

I too am very new to having a cuttlebug. My mum has had breast cancer and had to have the operation to remove it 16 years ago and thank good she is now fit a well. I am very happy to make some cards for you if you'd like to email me on caroline.tyler@blueyonder.co.uk.

Thanks for such a great blog, with so many handy hints xx

CT19720 said...

Hi Ikki,

You have such a great blog with so many handy hints. I would love to send you some cards, if you would like to email my on caroline.tyler@blueyonder.co.uk with your address, I will pop some in the post to you. Fifteen years ago, my mum had breast cancer and had to have one removed, but she was luck and survived and is now fit and well.

leia said...

I'd love to help such a good cause! My email address is lei_armstrong@hotmail.com x

Erica said...

I too underwent the double screening this month. It proved to be calcification in one breast and I will need to re-screen in 6 months. The staff I encountered was also most kind and understanding. I would be happy to also send you 5 to 10 cards. I'll get them ready...you do want all occasion, correct?...Please send your address to my email Holfi1 @msn.com (note: LAST CHARACTER IN EMAIL ADDRESS IS THE NUMERAL ONE)I clarify only because some mistake it for a second letter "l". And finally, I love your informative blog. You're in my Google reader among very select company :).

Anonymous said...

Hi Ikkie , I wasn't quite so lucky and needed the op but was caught very early ( 2 years ago now). I donate half my card money to Breast charities. My local hospital is collecting for a new mammogram machine- so far I've sent £50 . I will happily send a card for your cause . Do you want Christmas ones?

dragonllew said...

Hi Ikki ~I would love to send you some cards for such a good cause please email me your details dragonllew@rocketmail.com. Thanks for all your tips on your blog you have some fab ideas and projects.

Teach4U said...


I would love to make a card for this worthy cause. My co-worker was just diagnosed with breast cancer and I would love to show my support. Just let me know the details. My email address is: teach4u39@yahoo.com

Choccy said...

Having just had 4 biopsies and an open biopsie. I would love to join in and show my support to such a worth while cause.
Thankyou for taking the time to produce such beautiful effects,then taking the time to share them with us all.

Choccy x

furrypig said...

I too would really lkike to help this very worthy cause please email me the details and I will get crafting for you. When do the cards need to reach you by or will this go on for some time??

Thanks for the inspirational blog xxx


craftygranny said...

Hi Ikki ,

I'd love to help if you could send your details .my email addy is birchallteresa@yahoo.com.

Anonymous said...

I would love to offer my help and donate cards. My step sister was diagnosed with breast cancer only last week so I'm happy to contribute to such a worthwhile cause in the hope that everyone gets the support they need if the time comes. Thank you for your continued great ideas and advice.

Mrs Bs Blog said...

Hi there Ikki, I would like to send some cards my addy is nncakes@tiscali.co.uk

Marg said...

Hello Ikki

Thank you for all your helpful advice.
I've made some cards via an appeal on MSE, I'll email you now I can see your address.

Thank you Marg