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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

WOYWW - 10th February

I walked into my craftroom this morning to switch on the PC and thought:  Well not so tidy, but not so bad!

Whoops, forgot to put the lid back - so much for my useful little side table,  and you will see the floor is back in use.  

Then back to the kitchen - where after some 10.30 ish night crafting whilst the footie was on I'd overspilled - not so good!  New stamps, thick embossing power and what a wonderful relaxing time playing....

I have more worktop room in the kitchen and the height is easier for embossing, but doesn't really mix very well with getting dinner!   When this lot is cleared away it's all goes into the bag that is actually a vanity case, but I don't need vanity so this is a much better use for it!

Thought I show you some of my new stamps and the triple embossed toppers I made.

I did actually have a tidy up session around 6ish last night, because I'd been so busy making and finishing off cards that I'd got to the stage where I couldn't find anything because I coundn't see anything!  That is apart from the acetate which I'd lost after my tidy up/throw away last week, which turned up in the most unlikely place where I'd put it to be easily found.  Message to myself:   I must put things in less handy or unlikely places and then perhaps I wouldn't  lose things!  The coffee mug is hidding other new goodies like alcohol inks, which are brill, but messy on the fingers.  On the shelf above my desk -  finished cards using the inks my new punch - a lovely pressie from a lovely friend. 

Last week Crafty Chris asked me how I'd achieved my winter scene look and were there any tutorials on this.  I don't think so, but perhaps someone else knows!?!?!  I saw this method of colouring on the tele and since I've been collecting Distress inks - it was just meant for me to try.  So all you need is ink (I've done this with  Adirondack as well) and some cut and dry foam which is another Ranger product designed for the job which doesn't use much ink.  Before you ask - from my usual supplier.  You start on your mat, then drag the inked foam to the edge of your card and then  into the middle giving a fading effect.  Hope that makes sense.  You will notice that I have use this method to add colour to my embossed toppers.

Well that's about all, not such a goodie two shoes this week, but defo a happy crafter. 
Have a Happy Wednesday whatevers on your desk!


Hayley said...

I am so glad I am not the only person whose crafting spreads throughout the house. Love the fact you have share everywhere!
Great blog by the way.

Nicky Stevenson said...

Hi! Love your card toppers! They featured Cut & Dry foam, alcoholic inks and new colours of distress inks on Create & Craft this morning. It looks great! They'll probably repeat the show some time soon... qwiksave x

Julia Dunnit said...

The toppers are lovely. Your desk and craft space looks great tidy - but to my eye, it looks WAY better in use! Great WOYWW!

Chrissie said...

You're still too tidy for words, I don't care if you think it's untidy, I think it's amazing!
Your toppers with the bluebells are fab. Chris's images are wonderful aren't they!
I do enjoy a good old nose around!


Sam said...

you overspill to the kitchen!!!? Now that is just not on is it!? ;-) Personally I daren't spread the crafting out too far cos I know that it will be a long time before it all gets put away - at least if I keep it in one room then I can metaphorically shut the door on it even if I can't ACTUALLY shut the door because the filing cabinet sticks out just a little bit too far.

Unknown said...

WOW WOW WOW. I love those flower toppers you have done - stunning.

You really look like you've been playing with inks for like ever!!!

Great work and some great cards in progress.

Love them - especially the bluebells card.

Paula x x x

Anonymous said...

Great WOYWW! Love the toppers, triple embossed? How do you do that?? Sounds cool and looks great. I'd have joined you in the kitchen for a bit of crafting if the other alternative was the footie on the telly!


Spyder said...

Your toppers are beautiful!! and such a very tidy crafty room!

Pam said...

Lovely toppers, your room looks so tidy!
Hugs Pam

Nikki said...

Beautiful Toppers
love your room
Hugs Nikki