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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Information on buying Classic Square Nestabilities

If you are thinking of buying any Classic Square Nestabilities, you will find this list of sizes useful in making up your mind which is the right set for you. There is only 1/4" difference between the large and small - I have found that the large size works okay for me.

Classic Squares Large S4 - 126
1) ½x½"
2) 1x1"
3) 1½x1½"
4) 2x2"
5) 2½x2½"
6) 3x3"
7) 3½x½"

Classic Scallop  Square Large S4 127
1: 1⅛: x 1⅛"
2: 1¾ x 1¾"
3: 2¼ x 2¼"
4: 2⅞ x 2⅞"
5: 3⅜ x 3⅜"
6: 4 x 4"

Classic Inverted Scallop Square Large S4-196
1) 1" square
2) 1½"
3) 2"
4) 2½"
5) 3"
6) 3½"

Classic Square Small S4 128
1) ¼x¼"
2) ¾x¾"
3) 1¼x1¼"
4) 1¾x1¾"
5) 2¼x2¼"
6) 2¾x2¾"
7) 3¼x3¼"

Classic Scallop Square Small S4-129
1) ⅞ x ⅞"
2) 17⁄16 x 1 7⁄16"
3) 2 x 2"
4) 2⅝ x 2⅝"
5) 3⅛ x 3⅛"
6) 3¾ x 3¾"

Class Inverted Scallop Square Small S4-197
1) ¾"
2) 1¼"
3) 1¾"
4) 2¼"
5) 2¾"
6) 3¼"

If you are looking for the sizes of other Nesties - check out my sidebar under Labels: Dies - Info and Sizes.

Hope this will be useful to someone!


theboelemas@aol.com said...

Thanks Ikki. Really helpful post (but then all of your posts are), these are on my wish list.x

Unknown said...

Thanks for that Ikki - squares are on my 'wish list' despite me having a silhouette cutter which I could cut all of these on easily!!! P.s. for all the visitors and commentors on this post - I can also recommend 'Making a lasting impression' - I've used following this link - and need to say that Liz's customer service is excellent, friendly and efficient - i've used her several times now and will look there first for anything I need...

Paula x x x

cazlan said...

Am gradually collecting sets of nesties so all info is welcome.
thanks Ikki.
xxx cazlan