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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Tippy Thursday

A recent TV programme and a tutorial I posted on using Magnetic Mats for holding dies when embossing caused interest - like I want one! Unfortunately the demand for the mats meant a shortage with stockists, my supplier (see my sidebar) has managed to obtain a few - so if you are interested pop over there now. These mats are the ones shown on C&C from Sheena Douglas - they are useable in the CB and have a very strong magnetic hold. So you can use them for die cutting or for storing your dies.

From my post came this query: Can you use MM's for cutting apertures - YES.
You would just put the mat with the dies in position inside the card.

I would add that if you don't have a MM you can use a very low tack tape to hold the dies. You can get good results this way, but it must be a low tack tape or it will stick and ruin your card!

Mats are a feature today! On Saturday at the Stitch and Craft show I came across a different type of silicone mat for embossing dies and stencils. The seller recommended them as better than the Spellbinder's tan mat, but unfortunately had no machine on which to demonstrate his claim. The mats are from Kars - there is only one mat in the pack - prices on the web range from £4.99 to £6 - he was selling at £7.99. The mats are white and very squidgy - if you have one of these mats I would love to hear from you - as will the many Cuttlers who will be reading this. I have doubts that these new white mats will be better than the tan mats which I have used for 2 years with no problems and good results, but they could well be as good!

Have a good day whatever you are doing.

PS: If anyone has read my notes on Aldi magnetic photographic paper and is looking for further news - I have removed part of the post because I felt sure they would be unsuitable for even storage. Definitely not suitable for holding die to emboss or cut. ikki


Pat said...

I live in the United States and read about the mats but could,nt find them so went to a hardware store and bought magnetic vent covers, 3 to a pack, they are 8" wide by 15" long and I cut them to fit the cuttlebug price $5.00 hope this helps someone... Pat

Unknown said...

Hi Ikki

Beacuse you give us constant good advise and tips you provide us with and the fact that you were one of my first followers, the support you have given and confidence in using the bug I have as a consequence, I have awarded you with a blog award. To find out more, please pop by my blog.

Thank you for your help and inspiration

Paula x x x

Unknown said...

Hi Ikki, I thought I would share with you what I found when using Spellbinders magnetic mat and tan embossing mat as well as plate A and plate B- my cuttlebug just couldn't cope - it was too thick. I have a Xyron 510 with the magnetic refill - voila, I just wound the handle and ended up with a magnetic mat A6 size (or thereabouts) it's thin enough and seems to hold the nestabilities firm enough. Barbara James (from South Africa)