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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Tippy Thursday - How the Labels will work

Hi, Thanks for all your comments.  I have made a start on helping you to find posts, but first of all I have removed the "Search" feature, because for some reason it doesn't want to work with me!

What I have decided to do is to recatalogue my posts starting with Nestabilities.  Instead of grouping all under the one heading, now if you look under "labels" you will find:  Squares, Circles, Ovals, Rectangles, Labels 1, 2 etc.,  plus headings such as Borders, Altering die shapes and so on.  This should simplify findng articles of interest.  You will (eventually) be able to check out info on sizes, sandwiches, problems solving, but most importantly what you can do with a certain die.

I'm also in the process of listing availability and size information on all of the different dies.  The very fact that there are so many different shapes and sizes available to buy will make this a useful feature in the Cupboard. For new owners of any die cutting machine, or if you are interested in buying new dies, you would need to look under the labels " Dies - Info and Sizes" or "Squares - Info and Sizes".

In the post below I have itemised all the different Nestabilities Squares - I was amazed at the result!
I had no idea that there were so many!!  "Wonky Squares" never heard of them before - I will probably find this is the case when I look into the other shapes!!! 

Hope you'll find this useful, I found it interesting in the fact that the label list shown which dies I favour most and also those I have not used much! 

I'll be back tomorrow with a new idea from Julie that you will not want to miss.  Hope you'll have time to drop by, in the meantime have a great day in this lovely September weather.


Carolynne said...

Well done with making a start on your labels. I really don't envy the task. Looking forward to reading all your advice on cuttlebugging. I have not had mine very long and am still on a steep learning curve.

Carolynne xx

mrs ann said...

Wow Eileen!! You have made this so easy to find what you are looking for!!!. I have used it all-ready thank you so much.X

Shoshi said...

Well done, Ikki! What a lot of work to do to make your blog easier to navigate for all! I am looking forward to trying out the various searches.

Keep up the good work! You are an inspiration to us all, both rookie Cuttlebug users like me, and the experts.

Jennie - The Crafty Wife said...

Thank you, ikki, for this wealth of information. I'll be off to recommend it to the Moneysaving Expert forum.

Anonymous said...

Hi ikki, hope you had a lovely birthday over the weekend. I've just spent the past couple of hours going over your wonderfully informative blog. I'm really inspired by the way you show how versatile the cuttlebug and accessories can be used. Looking forward to using some of these ideas in my cardmaking.

Unknown said...

Hi Ikki

I think what you are doing is super generous - in that you not only do all of these reviews, tutorials, hints and tips for us all - but you are now working really hard to make them easier to find. A big thank you is due!!!

Paula x x x