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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Tippy Thursday - Crafts Too you embossing folders

Hi, We all use Embossing Folders with our machines no matter what the make, and they are a real asset to our crafting!  I have try most of  those available, and although the majority I have are Cuttlebug folders, they are not my favourite mainly because they are slightly smaller than our A6 card size; they can crease the cardstock for this reason; and I have only found one folder (Swiss Dots) on which the pattern can be matched up to make a larger embossed surface.  Perhaps the newer folders do?  If you have any info on this, please leave me a comment that I can pass on to other cuttlers.

If you are a regular visiter to the Cupboard you will know that I like to emboss straight onto my cardstock as well as using them for matting and layering.   What I want from a folder a creasefree result, no breaking of the surface fibres of the cardstock, a full size A6 folder with a repeating pattern.  I'm not fussy or hard to pleased, am I!  (lol)

I have just bought 4 new folders from my supplier, Liz.  They are new additions to the Crafts-Too-you range and after testing them - I'm impressed with them! 

All of the examples are embossed on coloured copy paper. Only a very small section of one folder (spots)where I embossed over the centre fold actually cut the paper - my mistake!  
All of the folders embossed with no creases, and the patterns on all are REPEATABLE!  If you click on the pictures you can see if you are able to spot where the join is!

                                                                     Folder:  Spots
Folder: Hearts

Love Hearts


From my experiments I have found:
1: All of the patterns deboss as well as emboss
2: On very thin copy paper the folders do not crease or break the fibres, on heavy cardstock the embossing is good.  
3: All of the folders have repeated patterns - I have embossed onto a 6" square paper
4: The Heart folder opens the opposite way ie from the top
5: The folders emboss a full A6

Tips: If embossing a larger square card, start with the folder at the edge and emboss towards the centre fold.
Place the top B plate slightly over the folder so that you don't get a line from the folder.  On the next run, reposition the folder by overlapping  the already embossed pattern.  Feed the back of the card through first,  this time the B plate is best placed well over the pattern already embossed, that way you will not get a pressure line from the folder.  (This has been difficult to explain - not sure if I have it clear!)


PepPop said...

Thanks for these tips and the heads up about these folders - it annoys me too. I must check these ones out. Jaqui x

Aquarius said...

Many thanks for sharing this useful information - very helpful and good to know. These th8ings are always much easier to do than to explain!!

Julie said...

thes are lovely thanks for sharing,my fave has to be the little hearts,any advice on using border type embossing folders? I have a set that always seem to crease up the card so just dont use them :( would be grateful of any tips,Julie.x

Lynn said...

Thanks for that information, the only drawback with the cuttlebug folders is that the pattern (with the exception of Swiss Dots) is not repeatable. I'll have to check this new kind out.

Lynn x

Shoshi said...

These are really, really good, Ikki. I'm another one who's found the Cuttlebug folders somewhat frustrating at times! I recently got a set of Fiskar's Texture Plates that work really well - nice and big, and double sided so you get two patterns for the price of one! They deboss really well too. I haven't checked out whether the patterns match up but they are so big it doesn't really matter. Nice designs, too!