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Friday, 3 September 2010

Friday's Followers Gallery - 3rd Sept.

Hi, I'm late today with my FFG post and again I have to apologize to Julie, but this is what happened and if you read it in a book you would not believe it!

I returned home last night jubilant over a bowls match victory that gave us the 1st Division Ladies Championship. To unwind from the tension, I switched on the tele and started to watch a programme on not sleeping (something I'm good at) and being kept awake by snoring. It was interesting! The programme reached a point where this couple jumped into bed, the husband (being the snorer, of course) was going to try this new idea of placing a shield on the roof of his mouth, the wife leaned over, kissed him and said "goodnight" - switched off the light, the scene when black, we sat there also in darkness for a few seconds waiting for the prog to return - would the man be snoring or not!?!??!? Nothing, just as the light when out so did our power! 18 hours later, it's just come back on!

Anyway, back to Julie and her card.
This is what you call using your dies to the full!

If you pop over to Julie's blog you will find a detailed explanation of how to acheive this brill card.  Well done Jule, and thanks for sharing and allowing me put this in the Friday's Followers Gallery. 

I'm having a day out tomorrow since it's my birthday, but please feel free to have a look around the Cupboard, I'm sure you'll finding of interest in my back posts. 


Carolynne said...

I agree Julie has made a lovely card. Have a lovely birthday tomorrow and enjoy your day out
Carolynne xx

Jan scrap said...

Inventive use of dies!
At least you didn't have to hear the man snoring in the end. Well done too on your bowls victory.

tracy said...

lovely card julie, off to see how you done it in a mo
have a great day tomorrow ikki
lol tracy xxx

Marisa said...

What a funny story - I wonder what happened?
Happy Birthday for tomorrow, hope you have a wonderful day out.

Aquarius said...

Happy birthday and enjoy your day out - love the sunflowers.

Sharon said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

Unknown said...

What a fab card from Julie... Love it.

OMG - you were without power for all that time? We've had a couple of power cuts recently... no idea why. However, they don't beat the time you were without power.

Congratulations and well done on winning the Championship...

Paula x x x