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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A few queries and answers

Hi, life continues to be hectic, but Dave's health has improved considerably and my thanks to all who have left messages of support and caring this last week. 

I have received a number of questions and thought that I would answer them this way since it might also be helpful to others.

Max asked:  If the words on my Bird  card  with the fanned lines were printed on the PC or stamped.

The words were printed on the PC, I have found that even on hammer card this works well.  The font I used is called "Pristina"  I also used the font "John Hardy" (size 20) on the card with the 2 birds.  I will try to remember to include  details of the font on future cards.

Nessie replied to my "Little Boxes" with another clever idea....

Ikki, I know these boxes for ages. May I give you another tip? If you have a square shop-bought card that you like a lot, you can cut that in half and fold the box from the 2 pieces. The card front will be the lid, the card back is the bottom, you just have to make the bottom square a tiny bit smaller. If you have perhaps "Happy Birthday" in your card, it will appear inside the box after folding. Very nice as a wrapper for costume jewellery, etc. If you do not like the picture on the card, you can cover it up with paper of your choice or a 3-D flower, etc. But even then you have quite a sturdy firm box. Last year I made lots of small boxes from Christmas cards, added numbers on the lid and used it as an advent calender to send to my friend, filled with chocolate and other small treats.Hope you like my idea?
Thanks Nessie, for your suggestion, what a nice idea, and one to try!

Shoshi also left another tip on the Little Boxes..... " Love this box. I've made them in the past too - good tips, Nessie! I made them as part of my Christmas table decoration once, with an initial for each person in gold on the lid, and a choccie in each box!"
Thanks Shoshi for another super idea for that extra little touch to decorate your Christmas dinner table.

Paula asked:  Any new folders or dies? and, I forgotten the name of your supplier?.......
Yes, Paula I have just got the Wonky Squares and 4 new embossing folders, I'm working with them now and will show you the patterns tomorrow.  By the way the my lady supplier's name is ...  Liz.... Make a Lasting Impression, and funnily enough she does achieve this!

Right off to do some housework, I'm having to learn about recycling and a few other jobs seem to be piling up behind me!! but I will find time to show you my new patterns tomorrow. 

Hope your day goes well, and if you are dropping by from WOYWW, a big "HELLO" hope to join you soon!


AnneW said...

Hi Eileen, I wonder if I could ask for your help? I love the way you print directly on to your cards sometimes, but my printer won't take card. So could you advise on 1. a printer & 2 do you use Word or some other program? Thanks for your time Anne

Twiglet said...

Thanks for sharing the tips - the little box below is so clever - I will have a go following your brill instructions!!

Alex said...

Hello Eileen,
love your blog even though I am not much of a poster/commenter myself. If you head to my blog there is something for you...
Love, Alex

Annie said...

Hi Ikki. Just wanted to say I'm really pleased Dave is improving well now.
A x

Rita said...

Hi Eileen, I'm having difficulty finding the John Hardy font, can you help at all. Hugs Rita xxxx
So glad Daves on the mend as its such a worry.