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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Tippy Thursday - Joy Craft Border Dies

Sometimes you see a die and wonder what it will be like cut and embossed.  So I thought I would show you a set of dies from Joy Crafts that I bought last week from Liz at Make a Lasting Impression (you will find the link on the sidebar if you would like to see more of this company's product).
These are the dies cut and embossed.
I found that they cut better using the sandwich  A / C / Die cut side up / card / B

The dies are cheaper than the Spellbinder dies and they are not as sturdy, but the cut and embossing I found quite satisfactory, and the designs are lovely.
This is how I used  one of the dies to make a card base
.  Despite the poor picture, I think you will see they are very effective.

My thanks to all who have left comments this week, your imput is greatly appreciated.  Unfortunately at times I cannot get back to you if you have a query or suggestion if you do not have a blog, or leave me an email address.   So I will continue to leave messages for you either on my Tippy Thursday post, or on the comments page where you left your query.  Hopefully this will work - if not....I'll think of something else!

Alexandra:  Your suggestion was interesting and I think I have tried or seen something similiar, but I would love to see your work and if possible share it with other Cuttlers.  Could you leave me a contact on the comments page please.


Diane said...

I too have these dies and have been wondering just how to use them. Now I know!! Thank you so much for the inspiration.
Diane :-)

Unknown said...

these are really effective Ikki - and would look great with a bit of DI's on too... thanks for showing...

Paula x x x

Lynne K said...

Thanks for the sandwich tip. I have a couple of Joycraft dies, & have been struggling to get them to cut well, but I've been using A/B/card/die cut side down/C so I could see where the die was. I'll try it your way and see if I get a better result.

peter said...

Hi Eileen

I love following your blog it's so ful of interesting ideas and info.
I have a little award for you on my blog if you would like to collect it.

Peter XX

Nessie said...

I have the butterflies from Joy and you are right, they are not as sturdy as the Spellbinder's dies - but if yu handle them with care, they are quite beautiful