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Monday, 28 June 2010

Cuttlebug Cupboard - Spellbinder Mega Rectangles

Today's tutorial is based on the Spellbinder's Mega Rectangles,  I actually did this way back in January, and somehow forgot to post it!  But, better later than never.
As with all the label dies, the difference between the sizes means that layering is more difficult.  If you like wide borders, you are okay - but what if you like to have narrow borders?  My friend, Andrea explained this to me, but it was only by playing that I cottoned on.   Cool Andrea! This is how you do it.

With the same die, cut 2 shapes  The die-cut with the image is then embossed.  You can use the TAN mat or an embossing tool to run round the edge whilst the die-cut in still in the die.   Following the line of the embossing, cut off the embossing.

and when fixed together.....you have a narrow border!  An alternative way would be to cut and emboss round the image as usual, then draw round the die and cut with scissors.  I have tried both ways and found that by cutting the edge off of the inner shape it was less noticeable if the cut was not exact! 

The next part of my card was to cut another die-cut - this time I used a border from the Joy Crafts range. These dies are smaller than the Spellbinders, but have their uses in your craft box.  Having cut the die, I inked and dusted with Metallic Perfect Pearls which is perfect for a grunge look!
Next some simple matting and layering, which I actually find not so simple to get square!

and my finished card......

The image is a digital download from Sketching Stamper which I love!  It's big and bold and beautiful!!
Hope you like this idea and will find a use for it in your crafting.  Thanks Andrea for your help.


val090 said...

Good to hear how you get the small border on the large dies. I do mine slightly different. I die cut as normal with the embossing, I go aound the embossing line with a small ball tool while the cut shape is still in the die.It makes the embossing stand out more! Then I trace around the outside of the die on a contrasting piece of card and cut out.

ikki said...

Thanks Val, will add this info. Good to see you use my embossing tip. ikki

val090 said...

lol I hadn't realised it was one of your tips. Been looking at the rest of your blog..........outstanding work

Unknown said...

Hi - thanks for bringing more great tips I've been playing with my nesties - I NEED more!!!

I glue myselt to your blog when I get notice of an update as I know I CAN'T miss a thing!! I love your card by the way and the thing you did across the card looks like metal. Great stuff - thanks for being a generous crafter and sharing your ideas and tips.

Paula. xxx

Gibmiss said...

Hi Eileem

thanks for your tip i have tried it and its a great idea ...love your card..

thea said...

fab!! thanks!



Anne said...

Beautiful card, Ikki! Love the tips on the borders, will try it out as I'm one of the ones who doesn't like the wider borders ;-)
Hope the new year is treating you well,
Anne SBS26

Anonymous said...

You are sooooo fab. I have been wondering how to do this for ages. Louise Score DC

Whisper said...

What a brilliant idea about embossing then cutting it off to get a narrower border, had never thought of that, thanks Sam x

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 on my SCS Gallery said...

Oh, this is SOOOO clever - would never have thought of it. I've been doing it like the first message poster here.
I too wish Spellbinders would bring out the in-between sizes of the Labels dies - guess I'm not alone in thinking this.

Andrea, said...

Beautiful card Eileen, I love the image. I'm glad that you found this worked ok after my very bad attempt at explaining how to do it!!!!
Hope to see you soon.
Andrea x

Shoshi said...

That's really stylish, Ikki. It looks so rich with the metalic perfect pearls.

Thanks for your comment on my blog re the ATCs in their folders. I'm afraid I can't access your link, though - just getting "page not found" and I couldn't find it by searching your blog either...


XxJULESxX said...

Thanks for another great tip! and it's a beautiful card!!!