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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Spellbinder Borderabilities - make an edged fold back card

Today I have a new idea that I hope you'll like and find useful.  I have made an edged fold back card - don't know how else to describe it! 

This technique will allow you to use all the embossing folders on a 5.1/2" square card with no worries about matching the pattern. 

What I used:  CB Swiss Dots and Spades borderabilities
What I did:

With the die taped to the inside front - run through the Bug

Next you emboss the die pattern  -  Save the cut out bits!!!!!

use the embossing folder from the centre fold
emboss three lines from the inside of the card

fold back the edge

from the inside your card will look like this

Cut a patterned paper with the same die - save the bits!!!

Place masking tape over the back of the fold
now you can add the cut out bits from the DP

add the DP to the inside of your card and also the cut out bits from the front card

and you are finished......

This has been a long tutorial - I have tried to let the pictures do the talking, but if anything is not clear - please leave me a comment.  If you try it - I would appreciate you linking back to the Cupboard - help me spread the wonders of the Bug!

Drop by later and I will show you my finished card. 


Jackie said...

Absolutely brilliant Ikki, thank you for the step bay step instructions :o)
Jackie xx

Marg said...

Very clearly explained Ikki and it's a brilliant idea! Now I just need to be able to put it into action.

Nessie said...

Ikky, everytime I think there can't be coming something new today - you surprises me again. Thanks for sharing this great idea. I had just once another idea, perhaps you would like t know that as well? You have to cut the strip of the top card that is not embossed, you use a border punch to decorate the overhanging part of the inside card and fold that over to close you card. You fix that either with a bellyband or this SU! Notch Punch (is that the right name?), where you can tuck the folded part under, or you affix a button on the top card and wrap a ribbon around it to close it. Thanks for being such a great person to share ideas with!

ikki said...

Thanks Nessie, and yes I have seen this done at the NEC and GMEX centre - it's very effective but I've not tried it - perhaps I will now! ikki

Nessie said...

Ikky, what is NEC and GMEX? I thought it was my own idea :-(

ikki said...

Nessie from emailed you. ikki

Scrapcat 1 said...

Wow what a fab card and superb tutorial for this technique, now I just need the borderbilities to do it with. You are a naughty woman for making me want more stash!!!

Eileen said...

I really like this idea ...gonna buy some borderbilities and give it a go .....When my husband says " have you got any cash?" I say "No" and blame you !!
Thanks for sharing xx

Jennie - The Crafty Wife said...

As always, ikki, an excellent tutorial. I'm sure your ears must be burning at times as I am always telling those who are new to die cutting to keep a link to your blog.

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Hi there Ikki, Simply superb effect with the finished card and the tutorial is illuminating at always... just wondering what DP stands for, have seen it written a few times and guess it means some sort of paper? thanks heaps for you time and patience with us,
Shaz in Oz.

Nessie said...

I didn't get an email from you...

ikki said...

Nessie, after visiting your blog I found I was unable to find a contact email, so I left a comment yesterday on your most recent card. ikki

Nessie said...

Yes Ikki, I just found it. I have had to laugh that it were craft shows. I always expect it to be television praogrammes. But as I am German and owning a satellite dish, our family never watches British TV programmes, just German ones. Even after15 1/2 years in Scotland *lol*

Christine said...

Hi Ikki great tute & thanks for all the inspiration your blog gives me...

Hugs Christine xx

Shoshi said...

Hi Ikki!

This is great! I've got a couple of borderabilities but haven't used them yet - now keen to try. I'm a new Cuttlebugger (oops that sounds so rude!) and can see I've got a lot to learn from your bog which I'm now going to follow.

Although I've been making cards for ages, am only just getting into serious papercrafting. If you go on my blog you can see my latest efforts, complete with videos. Energy permitting, will be doing lots more!

Thanks for the inspiration.

XxJULESxX said...

Hi Ikki Just to say, love that card! i will be trying it out later,im a big fan of yours!!!! keep up the great work!x

Kathleen said...

love this idea, don't have any borderabilities but could try with a border punch!!
kathleen mc xx