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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Spellbinders Impressabilities - and finally

Hi, hope you are still with me and have enjoyed looking at my adventures with the Impressabilitie die.

Today I want to show you these......
embellishments made by embossing and debossing the stencil into card coloured with distress inks and coated with embossing powder. 
This was embossed, then inked, then embossed with 2 coats of clear embossing powder.

These were coloured with distress inks, then triple embossed, THEN debossed into the triple embossing. 

The effects to me are stunning, but I admit to being a bit of a nut case when it comes to distress inks, triple embossing and the Bug!  You can start off with something like this...

a piece of scrap card coloured with ink and spray with water, and  finished up with

  There's always that element of excitement every time because every piece is different and until the colours come to life with the embossing powder you never know what you will end up with! 

The embellishments are like glazed tiles, and difficult to photo to show them off

but here's a tag mounted onto an embossed card I showed you in an earlier post 

To summarise:  My thoughts on the Impressabilities dies have changed, I can now see that they are a useful piece of equipment to have in the Cupboard. 

If you have a Wizard or Big Shot, you'll not have had the problems that I've encountered, but the Bug is not as sturdy and adjustments are needed to get a good impression of a heavier weight card.    It seems from the comments I've received that various sandwiches work.  You need to try different ones until you get the clarity of embossing you are looking for as all machines are different.  Again the Golden Rule - never force or you'll break!

Impressabilites can be used for embossing and debossing die cuts for matting and layering. You can use techniques like letterpressing  or stenciling to colour them. You can use them in the whole.  Or like me - cut them up so you can embossed different  patterns straight onto your card base or make your own unique embellishments.  The only problem I've now got is.....where did I put that little butterfly?

Thanks for dropping by, hope you have found the week interesting and useful.


chrissy xx said...

I personally have had a lovely week following the episodes! and today is the icing on the cake! They are Gorgeous.

Christine said...

Good morning Ikki, thanks for sharing your ideas this week with Impressabilities. I only have one which is still intact LOL.
I haven't had much success with it in my bug but having followed you this week I will try again.
Your embossed samples are gorgeous. Just shows what can be achieved with playing.
Christine xxx

Glennis F said...

I have followed this week with great interest, and love your final pieces. I don't have the impressabilities, so will have to work out some other way to get this lovely effect. Thanks for the great ideas

Julia Dunnit said...

Huge weeks work Ikki - much enjoyed and tried to absorb. (Thank goodness for archives!) Your double and triple embossing 'thing' makes me smile; doesn't it crisp up an image when you do it; amazing.

Shoshi said...

Hi Ikki - This is just the sort of effect I am hoping to create in my projects - I just love the subtle colours, the soft swirling designs and the randomness of it. The ceramic tile effect is very impressive with the clear embossing powder - must try that with some of my Islamic designs...

I am gradually working my way through your entire blog and am so enjoying it! I'm so glad you didn't follow through with your early misgivings and stop! This is a wonderful site - a positive goldmine of info for Cuttlebug users, and as a beginner, I am learning so much.

Thank you Ikki for everything!


Max said...

Have really enjoyed following your experimenting adventures this week. Your finished result is super and your gorgeous tag card is a real eye catcher. These high shine tags would also make fabby magnets which could be removed and kept. Thanks for sharing.

Max's Craft Creations
Bah! Humbug! Challenges DT

Scrapcat 1 said...

what a fabulous idea Max, loved readin your adventure with the impressability Ikki, you have inspired me to cut up my own and give it another go. Thanks so much for the ideas and inspiration you provide.

Netty said...

Terrific, can't wait to try this out. Fab, thank you. Annette

Sallie's Place said...

Ikki, I have loved following your progress with the impressabilities and am amazed at the lovely things you have made. Thank you so much for sharing.