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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Spellbinders - Impressabilities

This is a story which I'm going to tell you in episodes since it's happened over a period of a year....so I hope you will join me as the story unfolds.

Impressabilities I have not been very impressed with!  From the first I've had problems with this form of embossing.  I received my parcel containing the Butterfly stencil and, as you do, couldn't wait to get started.
The first thing I did was to warp the frame, not a good start!  Next, no matter what card I used I couldn't get a good impression using the Bug. I tried my usual thick card - no luck; I tried thiner card - better but not impressed; I tried misting my card - no luck.  I was told that other machines do the job much better, but this was not much consolation to me in my frustrated mood!  I could emboss pearlised card quite well, but I don't use this type of card very often; I could emboss decorative paper or mulberry paper , but again for me a limited use.  Disappointment!  I put the thing in the cupboard on a back shelf.

Weeks later I tried again, but this time because of the mangled frame I'd decided to cut my stencil  into bits.

Aren't they pretty?   But, I still couldn't use them!


to be continued tomorrow......drop by and see if I have!?!??!


chrissy xx said...

They are soooo pretty. Hope you manage it ~ will keep watching this space!!

Annie said...

They are so delicate. Hope you manage a successful job....will keep a look out for how you get on.
A x

Anonymous said...

I think with impressabilities and the cuttlebug you have to use them like you would a brass/metal stencil, with a tan embossing mat. did you do that?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get mine to work at all until I used a tan embossing mat and WHAMO- perfect, beautiful results. I also watched StampTV.com's episodes on impressabilities and that gave me lots of good hints.

Karen said...

I am assume you have this sorted now but after seeing this you tube video:
I find the 'sandwich' of A, B, Spellbinders tan mat, card, Impressability, B, then 2 "shims" works perfectly with most card and is brilliant with Color Core type card so you can then give it a light sanding to highlight the embossing.
They are beautiful designs, if a little delicate :)

Max said...

Eagerly anticipating the next installment

Max's Craft Creations
Bah! Humbug! Challenges DT

Scrapcat 1 said...

OH Eileen,
you can't leave us hanging like that, what did you do next?
No really I need to know cos I've got one of them and I can't get any use out of it either.

Unknown said...

god that must have been frustrating Ikki... I wait with baited breath to see if you master it - which I'm sure you will... its a lovely design so would be a real shame to let it go to waste...

Paula x x x

Chrissie said...

This is worse than an episode of the Archers... keeping us hanging in mid-air to see what you did!
I have had reasonable success with my one Impressability stencil, but when using the Letterpress technique I find that cleaning the stencil afterwards a bit of a trial as it's so delicate!
You can see it on the second card here

Netty said...

mmmmmmmmm interesting, Annette x

Jan scrap said...

I think these are great! In fact I have been looking for 'embellishments' or ways to make these kind of things. Have you cut them all out by hand?

Beth Pingry said...

Have you seen the posts on the Spellbinders Blog on using Impressabilities? Just go to www.spellbinderspaperarts.com/blog
and put Impressabilities in the search box. We did a month of focusing on them, with lots of tutorials.
As mentioned above, emboss these with the same sandwich you use on a brass stencil or a die, you do need the tan embossing pad.
Email me if you need further help!