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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Impressabilities - Episode 3

Hi back again with the next installment......hope you are still with me!

Now I can deboss (or emboss if you wish by having the front of your card facing down in the sandwich) the stencil has become much more versatile - okay, only through my accident of mangling up the frame but nevertheless more versatile.  You can move your stencil around to suit your card - here are two layouts. 

Using 1 stencil

Using 2 stencils

You will notice that I have placed the stencil over the centre fold, but even embossing this way works - it looks as if it was meant to be there enhancing the back of the card!

and another possible design

Add a flower spray and you have a card for any occasion.

I'm not sure that if I'd not had my mishap with the frame that I would have had the nerve to get the scissors out to this pretty metal stencil, but then accidents do happen and sometimes they turn out for the better.  I feel that the embossing is nicer like this than in the whole, somehow it seems more noticeable - a case of less is more and there is the added bonus of lots of different designs!   You will also have a decorative pattern on the inside on your card.  However, I have to admit that now I have 4 bits instead of 1, I cannot use the the impressabilitie die to stencil.  Wonder if I can stick it together?!?!?!  I've not finished with this tale yet for tomorrow in my Friday Followers Gallery I'll show you something that one of my blog mates has done with impressabilities!?!?!?


chrissy xx said...

This is Fantastic! You have had quite a week, but I have enjoyed it! looking forward too tomorrow.

Anne said...

Ikki I think that is a much better way of using that die and I love what you have done with it. Sometimes a whole block of embossing is too much.


ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

thanks heaps Ikki and have loved the day by day updates, thanks too for putting the DP on the glossary,you are really appreciated.
Shaz in Oz

Max said...

Beautiful - really like the idea of embossing across the fold so the design wraps around the back. I think the small pieces would also be lovely as individual stencils so wouldn't bother trying to stick it back together.

Max's Craft Creations
Bah! Humbug! Challenges DT

Jackie said...

Superb, once again you have come up with perfection :o)
Jackie xx

Noreen said...

Great ideas - now should I consider getting this impressabilitie die with the intention of cutting it up?

I have one impressabilitie die & I brayered a Big & Juicy ink pad over it before using the die to emboss/deboss the frame onto the card - gave a nice effect. xx

Anonymous said...

very impressive cards - these are just up my street. I have one impressability not used it yet. Guess I am about to now. I lack inspiration sometimes. You have given me some. Thanks. Keep up the beautiful work. Jacqui