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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Tippy Thursday - Embossing Mats

Hi Cuttlers, the first thing I want to do on this Tippy Thursday is to thank all of the 507 crafters who visited my blog yesterday. Your support is very much appreciated and without it the Cupboard would indeed be bare!

I had a query yesterday from Brenda, asking if you could emboss dies in the Bug using a Mouse Mat. I would not advise anyone to try this. I have tried with foam, and that didn't work well either. The tan mat from Spellbinders is made from a very squidgy rubber that allows it to press into the die and not put too much pressure on the rollers. You can also buy a White mat produced by Kars that is reported to do the same job, but I've not tried it and when I saw it on sale at the GMex centre in January, it was more expensive than the tan one! My supplier on the sidebar usually has mats for sale at a very reasonable price.

However, embossing the edges of dies is also possible by using an embossing pen. I often use this method because it's quick and easy and the results are just as good especially on the less fancy dies. If you are interested in this method check out this link: here. I discovered this method last year and listed it my No.1 Tip of the Year.

My tip for today is also a reminder to myself to solve the problem of having to search high and low for a matching paper to go with a stamp image! Pick the paper first!! The colours will then follow!!!

I say this because after getting carried away with my stamps and distress inks making this tag, I didn't know what to match with it.  Eventually, after going through piles of papers I found one that matched okay. 
Lucky or what!  The paper is a Laura Ashley design that came in a pack bought for £1, and funnily enough one I didn't like and thought I'd never use.  As I said, lucky or what!!

Tomorrow in my FF Gallery I have a card to show you just what team effort and determination can do.....
hope you'll have time to drop by.

Have a good day!


Unknown said...

great tip about chosing the design paper first - and one I echo as i've been 'caught out' before - when i just started crafting.

WOW - all those hits on your blog yesterday - and quite right too... you are a one woman source of information

Paula x x x

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ikki, I need to look out for a tan mat then!! I haven't embossed with my Spellbinders yet, just cut out shapes with them. Choosing the paper first is a great tip, I usually do that, saves a lot of hassle later!

kay said...

hi ikki,love your tag and card,am enjoying my distress inks too.not surprised you had so many visitors as you always provide us with something new,x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Ikke, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog - You expect me to have plans though, hmm that's going a bit far LOL
Lovely card and the tag is fab. I must admit I love just doing tags and don't tend to make them to go on cards but keep thinking they'd make good toppers. Great blog, extremely helpful ;)
Anne xx

Jackie said...

Hi Ikki,
Thanks for the embossing tip. I too have only used my Nesties for cutting so I´ll give your embossing tip a try..
I am not surprised your blog is so popular..........you take the Bug to a new level, and what´s more, are kind enough to pass it on.
Thank you again.
Jackie xx

Linby said...

Lovely card and that tag is breathtaking.
I have a tan mat but still can't get the embossing to work - think I need to spend some time on your blog at some point.

Sallie's Place said...

Hi Ikki,

The tip about choosing papers first is very useful but like you I often forget and then spend ages routing around for something to match. All your tips are so useful, thank you.

There is an award for you on my blog

GlendaC said...

Just my two cents on the mat, I have also successfully used silicon baking sheet. I got it in a local $2 shop. It's designed for baking cookies on and I cut it down to size. The material and results are quite similar to the tan mat. Although curiosity got the better of me and even after I had tried this and it worked I did succumb to buying the tan mat as well.

Max said...

I've also tried using funky foam as i STILL haven't got myself a tan embossing mat *slap slap* and the impression was definitely not as crisp as I would've liked.
I'm the world's worst for spending hours looking for the right papers to match an image and although my head knows I should find the papers first and then match the colours, the message hasn't got through to my fingers yet LOL!


Anonymous said...

Many congratulations Eileen on being made a memeber of the design team.I ahve a question for you hope you don't mind.I have bought the clear silicone embossing mat by Kars and found this to be useless with the marianne dies.They have cut the mat all the way through when trying to emboss.I have contacted Kars and they say I sould not have used it for embossing but to use the new tan mat.I have bought one of these and using as instructed Plat a plate C die paper in die mat plate b it seems very thick and will not go thru machine.Any suggestions.You do not nee to prin this on your commenst as it is very LOOOOng Stella