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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Tippy Thursday - Acrylic Stamp Positioner

This time last week I was delving into a box of reduced priced stamps - okay I admit I like a bargain!  But, at 5 for £10 would'nt you have been in there with me?

This is one of the stamps I found .....

My first thought was "this is a stamp for a man card!"  BUT, how many men do I send thank you cards too????
Answer, in case you are wondering, is perhaps one, and yet I do like this type of collage card.  So into my basket it went.....
Can you spot what I've done to make the stamp more useable?????  And this is what I used to do it.....

A clear acrylic stamp position from Crafts Too You.  I know that you can improvise with various things like lego blocks, but I don't have any of these and at £2.95 plus postage, this little tool was much cheaper than buying a building set.  After first blocking out the sentiment, it allowed me to position a new sentiment in the same place and more importantly level! 

I was mega pleased with my two buys and thought it a good tip to pass on.  Sometimes it pays to see beyond the face of a stamp!

Thanks for your good wishes yesterday, I'm feeling a lot better today although the retching has really pulled on my chest muscles.  If being sick causing this soreness, my thoughts and feelings are with Paula for the pain she must be going though.  Paula, I can only say "you are a remarkable lady" and we all hope you are soon feeling much better and out of pain.

Have a good day whatever you are doing. 

NB:  If you need details of the stamp positioner click on the link in my post. 


Julia Dunnit said...

Ya see, I LOVE the stamp positioner for all it's possibilities and help. Workshopeers loathe it and say I only use it to punish them!
feel better soon Ikki, rest, I think!

Diane said...

That's a lovely stamp.....I would have fought you for it had I been there!!!

Hampshire Honey said...

I loved what you did with the stamp positioner Ikki, can you tell me where you bought it please, as the Crafts Too website only seems to sell to wholesalers? Many thanks, Karolyn.

ikki said...

Hi, Hampshire Honey - try the link in my post. ikki

Merry said...

I like that stamp positioner too....thanks so much for the link. Lovely card Eileen

peter said...

Brilliant as always Eileen so many useful tips you give us where on earth do you get them?

Glad you are feeling a little better.

Gentle hugs (I don't want to make your ribs worse)

Peter Xx

Unknown said...

Lovely card Eileen, hope you are feeling better, see you Saturday?


Something on my blog for you!

Andrea, said...

Gorgeous card Eileen, that is a fab stamp and a real bargain

Linby said...

wish I knew about that positioner before I bought the 9.95 one from SU! Was just admiring this stamp on your desk not knowing what a bargain it was - love how you altered it, have the feeling that if I tried that it would just end up looking wrong!