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Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Oh dear!  This is what greeted me this morning when I opened my craft room door.....

As many of you will know, we have been redecorating our bedroom and buying new furniture.  Hence I have inherited a new chest - this is what throw the room into confusion!  I started moving this and shifting that, even got to hooving the bit where the chest is and then I was ill.  There is a bug going round our bowling club and lucky (!) me picked it up.  After two days of ..... and ..... I feel completely empty and weak - but my boiled water and dry toast breakfast this morning will probably sort me out!
My desk

this is how I left it.  I thought I'd try make-up sponges with DI's - not sure if they will work - £1 from Poundland.  The papers are BG and you may just catch a glimse of one of my new stamps.
These are four more stamps from the NEC and a completed card using another new stamp from Elusive Image stamp.
Well that's all WOYWW'ers, think I'm going back to bed! Being bitten by one Bug is bad enough, but to catch another is just not on! If you are not yet a WOYWW'er - why not check out the link on my sidebar and join us?  Catch up with you soon.


Penni said...

Love the card with the new stamp. Hope you get better soon.


Annie said...

Oh poor you. Hope you feel much better very soon. Love the new stamps.
A x

Linby said...

Oh dear-hope you feel better soon. Love your new stamps, and I use make up sponges all the time.

Unknown said...

Love the new stamps, the desk will just have to wait until you get better, hopefully soon.
Christine x

Julia Dunnit said...

Ugh, poor you! And haven't you learned the warnings yet?!! As soon as you start n ne area fyour room, the knock on effect involves the whle room and hen it takes an age!! Love your new stamps, and that ard is very striking.
Feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh but think of the fun you'll have sorting it out and filling your new chest. Great new stamps too.


Unknown said...

OH Ikki - you're sicky :O(

Sorry - i hope you forgive me for that one!!!

A very surprising view of your craft area - i don't think i've ever seen it in that state - even when the wallpaper was on the sofa for a while... don't go rushing around trying to tidy up - there's nothing worse than having had a bout of the you know whats and feeling all week afterwards.

Just on another note - thank you so very much for the lovely card you sent - received in this afternoons post. You know how it is, been on here, lost all sense of time then just saw that you'd posted. Hope you feel better very quickly - sending some hugs your way (not big bear ones at the mo tho)

Paula x x x

Angela Toucan said...

hope you are feeling much better now. Enjoy redesigning your craft room

Cardarian said...

Nice and messy room! So much fun to snoop around...envy those stamps and love the card!

Cheryl Boglioli said...

Love the light coming in your room. I sure hope you get to feeling better soon.

Mandy said...

ooohhh I likey your big stamps!