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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Tippy Thursday - Triple Embossing

Hi, what a difference a day makes!  Today the sun is shining, and my men from yesterday have departed leaving me just the one loveable hunk.  We are warm at last - the bathroom and porch windows and door are fitted and the central heating is back on.  I did have lots of calls yesterday, but they were of the solving  not the mithering sort.  Thanks for all your lovely messages, your support cheered me no end!  AND, some even made me laugh - you are a witty lot!

Now it TT and as you know I do a regular post passing on news I've heard or seen or ideas that have just jumped into my head, but today I going to answer a question that I have been asked about Triple Embossing.  When you know how to do a technique you assume that others already know how to, but just in case you don't  ....  this is what you need.

A heat resistant mat is a good idea - you can also use this when using Distress and Alcohol Inks.  They save your surface and clean up beautifully.

A heat gun

Stamp Pad - I use clear Ink it Up (only because I already had 2 in my stash), but if you are buying there are other makes like Versamark and Perfect Medium which are possibly better - they seem to be stickier!

Embossing Powder -  I use Cosmic shimmer Clear and also Cosmic Shimmer Ultra Thick Clear, but any colour or make works. You can also emboss with the clear and then add a pinch of coloured powder to your last coat.  This is how I acheived this look with a die cut heart.

You can triple emboss a coloured stamped image (click on Triple Embossing on the Labels sidebar and have a look at my cards) or a die cut.  You can also emboss thick card and then stamp into it - I've seen this done but haven't tried it yet - it's just another one of those things on my list - I'm sure you will know what it mean because I'm betting you have a list too!

When you have stamped and coloured your image, you ink it over with the clear embossing pad and then add a layer of powder.  I do this over a piece of paper with a centre crease so it tips back into the pot easier. Now you melt the powder keeping the gun about 3" away and in one spot -as soon as the powder melts move on to the next spot.  If using a fine powder you have to do this three times, or you can use the Thick powder and reduce the layers.  This powder works best if you melt from underneath, otherwise it tends to fly! 

There you have it!  You probably have most of the things you need somewhere in your cupboard.  If you are interested in the cost of some of these items - click on the sidebar of my supplier and have a look around.  Liz stocks most of these things and her prices are reasonable and the service excellent. 

Well that all folks, now I'm off to do some wallpapering.  Hope the paste sticks as well as my triple embossing powder! 

Back soon, have a good day whatever you are doing.


Merry said...

Thanks so much for the instructions Eileen...I so have to have a try.

Jennie - The Crafty Wife said...

Very intersting and a new technique to try.

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Thanks so much Eileen cant wait to try this method out in real life - I have noted the technique and found this with your new search engine! Well done! and thanks for the time you spend helping those of us following..
Shaz in Oz,