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Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Do you ever think you are being overtaken by "other things" when all you want to do is sit blogging and playing with  your "craft things"?  My life is like that at the moment.  Today I have 2 men knocking out windows, 1 man watching footie, and another man due to arrive any time to mend the central heating which decided to breakdown yesterday.  With the bathroom window and side porch windows and door gone, the garage door open and the heating off - it's what you would call COLD today.  On top of that we have not finished decorating the bedroom 

as you can see the paper is still on the sofa!  Things started to go pear shaped when the bed got moved to paint, and we discovered after many years that it looked and fitted better in the new spot than the old! This meant that the furniture we were going to have didn't fit, so back to the drawing board.   But, after measuring this and that, moving this and that, and moving this and that back, I think we've solved it! (fingers crossed and all that). Now all we need to do now is to sell some! 

Anyway, my desk on WOYWW
I did manage two cards yesterday made with my new stamps, and I was planning a third which I'm sure Julia will notice.  The card with black bits on is one that went wrong - slim cards will not take triple embossed panels.  The ink pads were left out in frustration because I was trying to stamp on acetate.  The stazon pad decided that I needed a new one!  The memento and archival wouldn't dry and the acetate wasn't heatproof.  

In the end things got left and I went out bowling and guess what - we lost our match!

Two other annoying things happened yesterday, one I had a visit from a Talk Talk representative trying to get me to sign a contact with them, but I'm with Tiscali (who are now Talk Talk) so I was a little confused!!  On top of that she wanted me to pay a connection fee of (only she said) £29.99, but I aready connected to them aren't I? And, the freebie router, I  don't want either because I have just bought one - she was very annoyed when Dave said NO, and said she had wasted her time on us....!!! pardon !!!  Whose time?  I hadn't asked her to knock on my door, mind you if she had come today she wouldn't have had to knock - there's no door, it's on the drive.

The other thing was a email I received from supposedly the Inland Revenue saying I had a tax refund due of £988. 46 - great news, I just needed to fill in a claim form with my details!  Think this is SPAM!  Apparently it been on the tele and radio - so I thought I warn you. 

I'm sure things will improve as the day goes on.....


Anonymous said...

wow, I'm sorry you've had such a cruddy day! I'm sure it will get better, and hey, it can't be all that bad with a bunch of burly men all over your house, can it? hehe

Unknown said...

Hi Ikki
Just watch that tax return dont give any bank details there is a lot of scams on the internet at the minute.
Sounds like a lot going on round yours, it always happens in three's.
Desk looking very tidy and organised.
Christine x

Hels Sheridan said...

Great news about the tax refund...I would have spent it already (in my head) on stash LOL
Fab crafting space you got there too :O))

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh arggh!! You've had a day!! And today is cold. Come over to my place, I'm just about to start on the 2 Scrap Ladies stuff..you can help! Those smaller images - are they all designed to sit inside that landscape type frame then? Genius.

Unknown said...

Blimey - that is definitely one of those days ... the wall paper looks fab though and it all made for a great reading post - TFS

Hello, I'm Vicki said...

wow it really is one of those days - hope is starts to look up soon. love the wallpaper tho xxx

Diane said...

I have the wallpaper on the right in my hall......I love it!!

Helen said...

You certainly are having one of "those" days, I hope it has got better since you posted. Good luck with everything. Phone salesmen (women) - pahh! (sorry to anyone who is!!

Pam said...

Oh what day! Strangely enough I had an email telling me someone had deposited £7500 into my bank account and could I log in to verify, SPAM! I did feel better today when I went to the cash point at work someone had left their receipt and as I removed it I had a nosey as you do and on first glance thought lucky thing £45,750 balance then spotted the minus showing it was their overdraft ouch!! Hugs Pam

Annie said...

What a day eh? It can only get better :-)
A x

luizepootje said...

Oh, dear, there is just one thing to say: it's almost impossible to get even worse, so, now go for the better! Hope you're being less cold today... Sending you warm wishes!

Yvonne said...

... and full of men around you .. and you are cold, go and get cddles, lol
loving that paper, oh beautiful is that!

Cardarian said...

Sorry about your bad day, but your desk looks neat and you will have lovely wallpaper and new windows! Not so bad afterall! I loved the snoop!

Anonymous said...

I see you keep your bug to hand too! Hope your day got better!

PinksyDoodles said...

The wallpaper is gorgeous. I bet you can't wait to get your "new" bedroom.
I hope you are keeping yourself warm.
Clare x

Paige said...

Wonderful crafting area all that natural light coming in through those lovely big windows is great! Nice to have a good look about your lovely desk :)

Sally said...

Just keep thinking it will be over soon - and oh so worth it!

Angie said...

What a rubbish day ... things can only improove ...love your wallpaper ....has a retro feel

Eileen said...

What a busy day ....So suprised (& pleased) you found the time to visit my blog and leave me some very kind comments ...I was dead chuffed!!
Thank you for the offer to help regarding my blog ...as the saying goes 'I will be back ...and soon!'

Eileen xxx

Unknown said...

oh Ikki - what a rubbish couple of days eh? How rude of that woman - I keep getting talk talk phoning me up - I just tell them i'm registered with the telephone preferential service and that they shouldn't have my number... they soon put the phone down.

Gosh - I bet you're really cold today - i am with the doors and windows on... Hope things are on the up and up soon.

Sending you big hugs!!!

Paula x x x

Minxy said...

Ah you've had one of THOSE days, well things can only get better now cant they!
Am sure once all your decorating is done you'll be a much happier bunnie, and sometimes a break from the craftyness can put things back into perspective, but dont stay away too long.

Anonymous said...

Ugh what a yukky day, hope they get everything sorted soon with the doors and the heating. I hate rude, ignorant people and would have trapped her in a corner and given her a piece of my mind! Wishing you a better week.