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Friday, 1 January 2010

Cuttlebug - Top Tip of 2009 - Die Cutting, Embossing, Stencilling with Nestabilities

Before I share with you my top tip of 2009, I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. 2010 - where will it take us with our crafting?

In January 2009 when I started this blog I had no idea or plans. I was encouraged by blog mates that this was the way to go! So go I did, and look where it got me! 297 fellow lovers of the Bug, and over 100,000 visits from across the world. I know I love my Bug, but I had no idea that there were so many of you out there feeling the same. I also did not realise that so many owners of this little Green Bug were looking for help and inspiration!

I hope that you have found a place where you can visit and browse at leisure, and also a place where you feel able to ask questions and share your own ideas and experiences.

Now for the tip that I consider to be the best idea I had in 2009. This simple way of stencilling and embossing is so useful. You do not need a Tan Embossing Mat to emboss the edges of many of your die cuts - all you need is an embossing pen. Like most good ideas - simple when you know.

From my Tutorial 20th April 2009

"Hi Cuttlers, another week - another subject - Stencilling. I'm adding this now because it follows on so nicely from the last two tutorials. Thank you Heather for your suggestion and contribution to make this an interesting and enlightening subject. Even though it says stencilling on the Nestability package, I had not thought or tried it before, but I have now and will again! Obviously, I only read what I want to see! How about you??? Have you tried this?

You will need: a stamp, card and a Nestie Die

First stamp your image or sentiment on the card, place the die over the image and cut as usual.
Sandwich: A; B; Card; Nestie cut side down; C plate

Having cut your shape, emboss. If you have not done this before - check here on last week's tutorial.

Leave the card inside the die - now you can stencil a colour(s) round your image. This will leave a white edge which gives more definition to the image - the more colour - the more dramatic the effect will be!

I used chalk and prisma pencils, but you could also use ink. I must say I found it easier with chalk, especially if you have a rubber handy!!!

Now this has to be my tip of the week! Discovered completely by a mishap embossing when not adding enough pressure by too few shims, left only a faint impression.

With the card inside the die with the cut side up image face dwn, run an embossing tool round the edge of the inside rim of the die as shown

This is what happened - a remarkably clear impression. To test this out I used a heavy weight card and ......was very pleased with the result. Let's call this a "Cheats guide to embossing".
The cuttlebug embossed and the hand embossed - can you tell?

As I said before the stencilling idea was passed on to me by my Cuttlebug Mate Heather. If you don't know Rica you should! Her crafting is exceptional. Her blog outstanding for inspiration and creativity, as you can see from a glimse at these cards where she has used chalk and ink to highlight the main image. Thanks Heather for sharing your work. "

It's a long post today, but I felt sure you would like to read the tutorial in full. As I said - a simple idea discovered by accident, but what an accident it turned out to be! My Cheat's Guide to Embossing just has to be No 1 Tip of 2009!

Okay 2010 - now I'm ready to move on. Thinking cap on...what's next????


Unknown said...

I'm loving your tutorials and have gotten some great tips!
I used to use an embossing tool to emboss with my nesties all the time, then I got a tan mat and it is much easier - but the embossing tool is still a good back-up!

kay said...

another fab tutorial.

Christine said...

Thanks Ikki another lesson enjoyed I am a follower of Heathers blog & yes her work is very inspiring.

hugs Christine xx

XxJULESxX said...

Thank You so much!!!!!!i love the info you give us im going to be busy later now!!!!lol!!!

Karen said...

I am so glad I found this blog - Great explanations. I don't have a tan embossing mat (though an order is already placed) because I had found just cutting with the Nestie often leaves a good embossed line at the same time but running round an embossing tool is perfect for giving it extra depth and consistency.
Love the stenciling too - I have never done this and have to say the cards here are far better than stenciling examples I've seen from Spellbinders!

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

WOAH! what a goldmine this post is. Your tip with the stylus to make deeper embossing is off the charts! Talk about ingenious! :O)

Merry said...

This is so brilliant as I haven't got a tan mat yet...and not looking like getting one for a bit. Never thought to do the embossing myself...thanks so much.

Unknown said...

Hi Eileen, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Where has the last 12 months gone??

Will we see you tomorrow at Hollands?

Keep up the good work, your tutorials are inspirational!!

Take care

Nanabugaboo said...

Your creativity amazes me. I so look forward to see what you will come up with in 2010. Thanks for all you do to inspire us.

Anonymous said...

I would very much like to acquire some of this textured paper you used for the post you did on January 1, 2010 (the three mice). I look forward to your response.
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

What a great tip Ikki, I'll definitely give it a go! Thanks for all the great info on this lovely blog. Have a great weekend.