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My name is Eileen but to friends in the card making world I'm known as 'ikki'. (which is pronounced I-KEY) From where or how this came about I'm not sure - it just got shorten from my original craft name of Ikemo by various friends along my crafting way! I started crafting whilst recouperating from an accident, and from my first attempts with peeloffs and paint - I was hooked! Now my passion is my BUG! and now BEADING!

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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Thoughts for Tuesday

Over the last few weeks my life has been hectic, with decisions and actions over this and over that to be made.  I have become very disorganised trying to focus on some many things at once and achieving little for the effort. My (virgo) list just seemed to be getting longer and my problems to solve greater.   After finding my little book last week, I read on and found this.....

From my Litttle Book of Calm by Paul Wilson.

"Decide to be organised

Set aside twenty minutes a day for decision - making and organisation.  Be sure to make at least one decision every time."

So sitting down and thinking (pretty hard to do when your head is in so many places), I made the decision to do "two things" each day, any extra "thing" would be a bonus but it did't matter if I didn't do anything else apart from my "two things".  To my surprise I have found that this works really well.  I'm getting things done - my list is getting smaller - I feel good about what I have done and not worried about what I haven't - it will get done!  The guilt feelings about crafting when I should be doing a "thing" has been lifted, and I'm finding my mojo is returning to creative mode.  If this is being calm and organized  -  I like it!  If you too are stressed; too busy; bogged down; lack of go - will this work for you too?  Worth a try....especially if you're feeling like I did!! 

Tomorrow I'll show you what has arrived on my desk and what I have had time to play with!!!!


Kraftychick said...

Thanks so much for the ideas - it seems like there is just too much going on - we're traveling so much that I can't get anything done (in fact I'm getting ready to leave tomorrow for the NC mountains for a skiing trip with all the kids and grandkids). I love the time with the family but I wish I could slow down a little! And I do also have trouble scrapping when I have a To Do List a mile long! I WILL be trying your tips as soon as I get back! LOL!!

Jennie - The Crafty Wife said...

Ikki, you give us such ideas and inspiration, thank you so mucch for sharing your precious time with us.

PeeJay said...

Oh how I relate to the feelings that you've expressed - so much to do you don't know where to start so nothing gets done! I'm going to try this suggestion. Perhaps it will work for me to!