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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

A thought for today

As many of you will know, over the last few weeks I have been having all sorts of problems with my PC and viruses.  Yesterday I thought my troubles were over, yes the man came and made me wireless, but oh dear now I have to configure and learn about one new laptop and the old PC, and my mail is going there and I want it here. I've lost music, but fortunately been able to reinstall it, but is my head in a spin.

I decided that a lot of the old things regarding past programmes had to go out of the way so as not to cause me any more confusion to that I already had, and in doing so I came across a  book called "The little book of CALM at work", which I had completely forgotten about.    Opening the book I found  a book mark and this is what the page said:

"Clinch one before the next. 
Multi-tasking is something only computers can do efficiently.  Complete each task before moving on to the next, and your efficience will be matched only by your increased calm."  How weird it that?

I had to laugh, had this little book been watching my frantic moves backwards and forwards across the room from one PC to the LP trying this and then deciding to try that?  So I'm concentrating on one task at a time of sorting out the computer, so that it will be able to mult-task for me!  Must be calm and patient!!

This little book is a gem!  I have to say it's good advice to me not only about my present problems and also about my crafting.  I often start one project, can't make up my mind,  leave it and start something else, leaving a trail of crafting mess behind me!

 I will  show you more of it's wise quotations - you may be calm and efficient, but it may help someone.....perhaps even you on a bad day!


Unknown said...

ooh it all sounds so comlicated switching between pc's. Can I offer a solution to programmes at least - I purchased an external hard drive which is BIG - about 800 GIG. It plugs into the pc with a USB plug and works on the same principal as a memory stick - but obviously WAY bigger so that you can actually put programme files on it and work from that - but from any PC in which you plug it. Don't know if that would help your pc issues - and swapping from one to the other.


craftykat said...

I can understand about having so many different 'projects' going that you never actually finish any of them, and feel quite - well the opposite of calm! I've been working on finishing one project before starting something else, if for nothing else but my sanity.. good luck with all the computer issues, that would make me sufficiently crazy- and I'm happy when I can copy and paste, nevermind laptop and all that other good stuff... hang in there, it will eventually be taken care of, but like you said, one thing at a time... :)

Unknown said...

Too complicated for me too Eileen! I got a laptop from Don for Christmas, but I use that just for emailing, all my other stuff is on the PC, although thats being a bit slow at the moment, I am sure its about to crash, I will have to do some back-ups, I would hate to lose it all. Technology eh????

I love that quote, might use it in my sidebar if you don't mind?

Take care

Chrissie said...

They ought to invent a special storage something or other for putting those components of cards that we start, and can't quite decide if it's OK or not. I too have a trail of them lurking in various corners of the room. I really should just gash the lot and start again, but it's the 'Can't throw it away' syndrome which comes into play every time. I must be related to a squirrel!

Unknown said...

You could put all the components you wouldn't use for stuff you'd sell or send on small cards and join in the Do-Crafts campaign to do cards for charity - killing two bords with one stone - crafting and getting rid of stuff you're unlikely to used and supporting a good cause.

Paula xx