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My name is Eileen but to friends in the card making world I'm known as 'ikki'. (which is pronounced I-KEY) From where or how this came about I'm not sure - it just got shorten from my original craft name of Ikemo by various friends along my crafting way! I started crafting whilst recouperating from an accident, and from my first attempts with peeloffs and paint - I was hooked! Now my passion is my BUG! and now BEADING!

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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Tippy Thursday

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!  Well as far as computers go!!!!  Yesterday I had a day long full of problems and thought  I'd solve everything, but I should have burnt the midnight oil and finished my work because this morning I'm back to square one, AND discovered that the little I know is not enough!

Thanks to all who tried to help - it's a good feeling to know that I'm not alone.  I had already installed Chrome and it seemed to make matters worse so I uninstalled and then this morning I have re-installed and at the moment I'm IN!  BUT, I've somehow managed to get into the new blogger template and I can't find my way out!   

Yesterday I had a message from Twiglet asking if I had any suggestions for an elongated heart die.  I have this one from Marianne Creatables which cuts nicely in both the Bug and the JT.  

If you know of any others please leave a comment here for Twiglet.
Also, Twiglet is looking for a plain flower die.  Well there are lots of flower dies about and if you want a large size the Nesties are worth looking at.  I would suggest looking at the main Spellbinder site for the complete range.  If it's a smaller type of flower, Marianne again to a nice range but I like these.....

They are Crealies and you get four dies on a small plate - they cut both paper and a good quality card with no problems and also layer well.  I know that CB sell them and I'm sure there will be offer available on ebay.  

Well back to trying out CHROME!  Hope to be back soonish!


Suzi B said...

Ikki ... try firefox Iv'e had no problems for the last year with this
suzi b xx

Aquarius said...

I like these Marianne hearts and they also do some plain flowers. Hope your computer problems are sorted now - I changed to firefox a while ago and find it brilliant.

Rita said...

Love those Heart dies Ikki. TFS. Hugs Rita xxx

Twiglet said...

Thanks lots Ikki - the hearts are perfect - will get them ordered asap. I think the flower just needs to be a simple 5 petal shape that will cut fabric. I already have the TH tattered flowers. Your flower is gorgeous but I think the little blip on the end might fray off. x Jo