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Sunday, 26 February 2012

My way of stopping spammers!

The other day Elizabeth noticed when visiting from WOYWW that I had words about spammers on my comments box and she asked if it was effective.  The answer is Yes and No - I still get spammers occasionally leaving remarks but since I have set up all comments to come direct to me before posting -  I have control not them!.  This seems to work for me and at least this way the ..... nuisances  are denial the pleasure of advertising their rubbish to all who visit the Cupboard.

If you're having a problem and would like to try this ........ go to the Setting page.  Click on Comments....scroll down to  the Comments Form Message and type in your message.   Then set Comments Notifications as "always"  and save your alterations.  However many comments are made, the number will then appear on your Dashboard .... you click on the number and you will be redirected to the Comments Awaiting Moderation page where you can read the message and select/or not to post.

Also mentioned was setting "Word Verification".  I set mine as "No".    You  do this on the same page - just select either "Yes" or "No" whatever suits you    I personally find word verification is not necessary because of  how my comment form is set and it does save any frustration to anyone who wants to leave a comment. AND, after all we  like to receive comments, BUT NOT FROM SPAMMERS!

Hope you find this info useful.

ps:  Thanks PeeJay, you're right and I'm thankful that Blogger does sometimes intervene, BUT NOT ALWAYS because I do sometimes get some weird comments, so I would not like to trust it completely because of the great number of visitors to the Cupboard I seem to be targeted!   Not all visitors leave a comment but many do read the comments left by others so I feel I need that extra bit of assurance.  But thanks for your input  -it may be useful to others.


PeeJay said...

Do your Spam comments not get caught by Blogger and put in the Spam folder under the Comments tag?

I let Blogger screen out any spammers. I don't have word verification and I allow comments to be posted directly by anyone and ... I never have any spam comments get through to my blog comments. They're all caught by Blogger in the Spam folder (I currently have 23 sitting in that particular folder). I just go and check them every so often (in case a genuine comment gets snared in there) and then delete all those not wanted. Yes, I get notification to my email account but they never appear on my blog so I thank Blogger for having one of the most effective Spam filters I've encountered ;0) Saves me having the bother of moderating - not that I get many comments but if I did ...

jordiegirl said...

I don't like word verification as it's a pain!!!!

I don't have email notification of comments any more I stopped using that but when I log in I get notification that there comments awaiting publication so have a choice of publishing or deleting.

What I have noticed lately though is that someone keeps putting links onto my posts and I'm not sure how to stop that because they are in no way connected to the post they've been attached to. I'd like to stop that happening!!!!!

Aquarius said...

I do the same as you and view any comments before deciding to publish or delete - seems to work

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi Ikki I get a large number of Spam to my account at least four a week I would say and just deleted three this morning which came up over the weekend so blogger knows they are spam and puts them there thankfully but not all the time, as you say - have had some spam go to comments section (as I have it set up like you - you were my first blog I ever followed and kind of took from that perhaps who knows but find it works just dandy and sometime some good comments go to spam too I have found. They keep doing it because sometimes they succeed! thanks or popping over and encouraging remarks, Shaz in oz.x

judith@poppy cottage said...

I read this with interest Eileen, as I recently took word verification off my blog. I had it on previously to stop spam comments which I find extremely irritating. Blogger is feeding the spam comments all into my spam box, but I may change to your way just to be on the safe side. I know in the past there have been an odd one or two that did get through, which is why I put the word verification on in the first place.

The new word verification is just too frustrating for readers, and it can cause people to just give up leaving a comment, which is a shame, because we all love feedback, don't we?

Hope you are keeping well, Judith xx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Icki, thanks for posting this full answer to my query. I have my blog set for comment moderation and Blogger does separate of the spam from the genuine comments very efficiently. So it looks as though I am doing all that I can reasonably do to stop publication though not receipt. Thank goodness for the delete button. Thanks again. Elizabeth x

Unknown said...

Hi Ikki

Fortunately I've never encountered a problem. I was having a play the other day and turned moderation on - but I thought it just caused extra work so I took it back off again. I'd just delete anything untoward - but had nothing in two years. Hope I haven't spoken too soon now!!!

Sending hugs

Paula x x x