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Monday, 27 February 2012

Broken folders - what you can do with them

This is my most used and favourite folder....Stylish Flowers by Cuttlebug (Provocraft)...which was one of the first folders I bought.......but.....

alas, as you can see with constant use it is in two parts!  I have had it taped and it works like that, but it occurred to me when thinking of masks etc that it might also work using one side?!?!?  So out came my JT machine which I'm not very confident about using with folders because it is such an effort to get the folder through and this is the result....

To Deboss:
   The sandwich: White Plate/Black Mat/Paper/Back of folder/Blue plate

To Emboss
The Sandwich:White Place/ Back of folder/Paper/Black Mat/Blue Plate

Well that does too - you just reverse the sandwich.
To Deboss:
Sandwich: White Plate/ Front of folder/Paper/Black Mat/Blue Plate
To Emboss:
Sandwich: White Plate/Black Mat/Paper/Front of Folder/Blue Plate

What's the point you may ask, well for a start I don't have to throw away my fav folder,  and also using it   this way reduces the likelihood of the JT breaking.  It also means that the folder is more versatile because you can now use is either landscape or portrait.     These examples are done on copy paper but it also works on card.  The half folder also works in the Bug, but the sandwich is slightly different.  I will post that later.  

Thank you all  for your help re dear Mr. Blogger, I seem to be okay now as I have managed to revert back to the old template which to me is so much clearer.  I also have installed Chrome, but stragnely (at the moment) I can connect with Internet Explorer as well?!?!?    The mysteries of the Web!!!!!


Aquarius said...

A handy tip or two - thanks. Fortunately I've not managed to break any of my folders - yet although some are very well used.

Unknown said...

What a great tip Ikki - like Aquarius I haven't broken any of mine yet either but I'll know what to do if I do. Plus it will make it easier to put through my JT.

jordiegirl said...

I haven't managed to break any folders yet either - but this is a very good idea.

I see Spellbinder are doing A4 embossing plates now as well as the folders they make so there wouldn't be any reason for the folders not to work the way you have said.

I also use the Mica Masks in my Double Do XL and they work a treat.

I haven't yet splashed out on a Grand Calibur!

Thanks for popping by and commenting on my favour boxes.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

AH Ikki the mysteries of the web indeed! love this idea but thankfully mine are in all intact! just letting you know there is something for you over at my blog, love Shaz in oz.x

Jackie said...

Thank you Ikki for a great tip :o)
Jackie xx

XxJULESxX said...

Hi Ikki just popped on to say hi! and thanks for the tip!

RosC said...

Hi Ikki, have just been poking around blogs I follow and found this post. Reminds me of the embossing plates I used ages ago. They were made by Fiskars and were quite simple patterns. If they were sandwiched with a rubber 'plate' the patterns wre deeper naturally. Must get them out.