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Sunday, 23 January 2011


Hi, I have now had the chance to emboss and die cut with this new machine, which I have nicknamed my "JT", and I'm impressed! 

The machine comes with an instruction leaflet and 5 plates (including an A4 embossing mat).  The plates are different colours and also clearly marked apart from the embossing mat.  Like the Bug and any other machines the cutting plate marks.  I like this colour coding, and once used to which colour is which plate, think it will make finding the plate you want much easier!  This is an advantage over the clear plates of the Bug, where I still have to look to make sure I have the right one.

The machine has a very good suction system making it very stable, and the handle turns easily and without the sqeak made by the Grand Calibur whenever I've seen it demonstrated.  The handle is also removeable and can be stored in the compartment on top of the machine.  When I first used the machine, it did seem to be a long winding process, and I thought if only using the front part of the plate,  running it back would be quicker - take warning here because although it does reverse and is slightly quicker, the handle can spin and it's spins faster than you can wind!  I know because it slapped me a couple of times and it hurt!! 

Die cutting:  I have tried and successfully cut my Spellbinder, JoyCraft, Marianne and Nellie Snellen dies with no problems.  In fact, hope my Bug's not listening, it actually cut the intricate Marianne and NS dies in one go with a nice clean cut.  You still have the problem of getting the cut out, but I think even that was easier.  Sorry Bug! 

Embossing:  Again no problems with my folders (Crafts 2 U, Cuttlebug, Joy Crafts, Sizzix), I have yet to try Creative Expression folders, but I'm assured that these work well and I hope to have a few to try soon.  It is the larger folders that will be useful in the JT.  I did notice that when embossing with a heavy cardstock (300gsm) wrapped round the folder that it required more winding power, but since I very rarely emboss in this way - for me no problem, but for you?  Having said that, the machine did emboss the card and with use might get easier (or I stronger)!  I was probably being a little cautious not wanting to force or damage anything, but thought I should mention it! 

Storage: This is often a problem for crafters, me included which is why I bought the Bug in the first place, but actually although the JT is heavier than the Bug, there is not a lot of difference in the actual space needed to store them - much to my surprise!  Since the handle on the Bug is fixed, and the handle on the JT is removement - very little difference in length (about 2").  Of course, on the New Bug V2 the handle is removeable so that will take up less space. Width: again not a lot of difference.  The JT is like a rectangle box - it looks solid and so, much bigger and is not a pretty bright colour, whereas the Bug is curvy shape and a great colour (the new Bug V2 is a super shaped machine (much like a handbag!) and is even lighter), but since the feet of the Bug stick out - not a lot of difference in the actual space required for storage.  In fact at this moment my Bug is sitting on top of JT quite neatly.  It is not going to be forgotten!  The Bug does, however, score when the platforms are down.  The JT then takes up more room and even more when operating.  So for storage space not too much of a difference, but for limited operating space - it's the Bug and forgo the advantages of a larger embossing and die cutting machine. 

I'm happy with the JT, it seems to work well and the larger cutting and embossing possibilities appeal to me, but I have to admit that the new Grand dies are expensive.  However, I think there will be many times when I turn to the Bug for small one-off cutting jobs because of the quickness.  So, unlike the advice given by Create and Craft last week, I will not be giving my beloved well used Bug away!

If you are looking to buy a new machine, I cannot tell you which machine you should go for - as you will have read, there are advantages and disadvantages with both, but both work well!  You will need to take into account what you are actually looking to do with the machine, the cost; and the space needed to store and operate the machine. 

I have now opened new pages relating to embossing and die cutting and the relevant sandwich recipes.
You will find these pages listed above and by clicking on them you will arrive at the right place. I do intend to cover all machines, but I'll have to do some research before I give info on them.

Since I've had many requests for info on the JT, I hope you'll find this post useful and informative, and if I can answer any other questions that you have, please shout!

Tomorrow I hope to show you another way of making a larger card, hope you'll have time to drop by.


theboelemas@aol.com said...

Thanks for this Ikki. Have you tried the ejector foam on the MC & NS dies? I've been using it for a little while now and it has meant that the dies are used more frequently ;)

Yvonne Russell said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. Very interesting.

tracy said...

thank you for the info ikki,
i was tempted to buy this but held of as i dont really make as much use of my bug as i should, i was dissappointed it refused to cut the go create alphabet die cleanly despite numberous attempts and trials as i had waited so long to get a alpha die,
hopefully if i get more use out of the bug i might look more into getting this new machine, from what you have put removing the handle would be my only downfall as i have pixies in my house and i would guarantee that that is the one thing that would go walk about.
lol tracy xxx

Sally H said...

Hi Ikki
Thanks so much for this information. I was thinking that I would be happy with my bug and didn't need anything larger until I saw the Grand nesties. The idea of being able to have large shaped cards is so tempting, and this sounds like just the machine to do it with.
Sally x

chrissy xx said...

Oh! Thank you for giving us all these tips!and advice. Much appreciated. Will certainly be calling in tomorrow!

Cheryl W. said...

Thanks for such a thorough description of your new toy. And I love the new tabs at the top of your blog. Fantastic!

Aquarius said...

Thanks for this useful information Ikki - it is good to hear it from a 'real' user and not a TV presenter!!

Christine said...

Many thanks for the indepth info Ikki a lot of use for new cafters & more established creaters alike..not sure if I will get yet another machine..
but the new large dies are very tempting..

smiles Christine xx

Jeannie said...

Hi Ikki, thanks for the info on the JT - very interesting! My friend Julie of Rainbow Days blog thought you might be interested in a bag that I have just finished making using my bug. www.lilackittycreations.blogspot.com Jeannie

Merry said...

Such wonderful detailed info Ikki....thanks for taking the time to share with us. All sounds very interesting. I like the sound of a bigger embossing area. Hmmmm

craftimamma said...

Thanks for this useful and detailed post Ikki. Look forward to seeing your creations with your new toy.

Lesley Xx

Fiona said...


So glad you've tried out the 'JT', I was looking to purchase one as I've managed to break my Cuttlebug!!!!I'm absolutely gutted, but it's all my fault I'd seen a posting on You Tube showing someone using a Friskars embossing board through the bug. SO being a silly billy I forced the plates through and snapped the cast iron plate that keeps one of the rollers in place (sob-sob) so I'm now on the look out for something bigger, shame they don't do the bug in a bigger size.



Fiona said...

Hi Ikki,

So glad you've tried out the 'JT, I've managed to break my Cuttlebug (sob-sob) so I'm on the market for a new one. I'd seen the 'JT' and the new Spellbinders Grand Calibur and wasn't sure which one I'd go for, but you've actually swayed me to go for the 'JT'. It's a real shame they don't do a large Cuttlebug, as I'd go for that one every time, as I loved my bug!



Fiona said...

Thanks for you're views on the 'JT' Ikki, as I've managed to break my bug and they don't make a large bug, I think I'll go for the 'JT'.



Unknown said...

Hi I have a new joy trouvaille can I use 300gm card to cut and emboss.i
Regards holly

Jacqui's little piece of England said...

Thank you for your very informative post
jacqui x