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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Tippy Thursday

Thanks to all who left comments last week on how you use your B plates.  If you were interested in this post, you will  find it useful to have a look at these. 

I would again add that if you are using CB dies you need to change your sandwich because of the thickness of the dies. 
Sandwich:  A  /B / Die Cut face down /card / B     or      A / B / card / Die face up / B

Chrissie has left a very informative comment on using Alphabet dies.


We all use card - I like to use textured cardstock and buy A4 sheets.  You can get various textures:  Linen, Leather, Hammer which is usually a heavyweight which gives a quality feel to your finished card.  If you are going to the trouble of making a card, you want it to stand up!

I usually emboss straight onto the card, but unfortuntately most of the embossing folders do not fit our size of  6" x 4" card fully.  To overcome this I complete the design with one or two straight lines top or bottom, or both.  This is also a useful way of finishing off a part-embossed panel.

I only know of two companies that supply folders slightly bigger than the Cuttlebug  :  Crafts to you and Sizzix.  From my experience the Sizzix folders do emboss a very heavy pattern so you do need a heavyweight cardstock, even then I find that the card fibres do creak and spoil the appearence of the embossing.  To overcome this, place a thin piece of copypaper on top of the card.  You could  find that with using heavyweight card and copypaper that the sandwich is too thick and will not go through your Bug.  If this is the case, remember that you do not have to fold your card round the folder!  You will also find that if you only place the front of your card inside the folder you can emboss right up the the centre fold.

The news on Cuttlebug Embossing Folders is that new folders will be available late May/June - check out the Provocraft site.   You can also check out the Sizzix designs on their web site.

Have a great cuttling day. 

PS: Betty informs me that Wizard suggest spraying a fine water mist on your card to on stop breaking the fibres.  Worth a try!
Thanks Betty.

Rita (Munkeezmama):  Thanks for your question - I cannot contact you direct so will post here.  The cardstock you refer to is called Textured Leather effect.  I get this from my local craft market stall, but have check the net and you can get it from other craft supplier.  Hope this helps.


Bettythebaglady said...

Ikki -interesting but I have a wizard and they recommend a light mist of the card if you are having trouble (splitting fibres etc). It's surprising what a difference it makes. BettyXXX

Unknown said...

Hi Ikki - this is the way i remember the sandwhich when using the cuttle bug - to differentiate between cutting with dies and using embossing folders:

In addition to always using A&B -

I use B for emBossing
I use C for Cutting

This just happens to work for me!!!

I also use it in this order when cutting:
A, B, paper, die (face down) C on top

Paula x x x

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