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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Thoughts on Tuesday

My thoughts today turn to you - my blogging friends!  Last November after an ordeal over Breast Screening  I realised how many women are affected by Breast Cancer.  I was lucky and discharged after further tests, but I was so impressed by the service and thoughtfulness of the North Staffs Screening Unit that I decided to appeal to my crafting friends to donate a card to the Unit.  You, my friends responded magnificently I have to tell you that I'm now able to send them a cheque....

for £400. 
I have been overwhelmed with your generousity and support and on behalf of the unit and myself, say a very big "thank you" for your donations and for caring enough for your fellow women to take the time  to help this worthy cause.

If you would like to help further, I have add a "click every day" logo for free breast screening to my sidebar.  This link will take you the the Breast Care site where you can support their work by "just a click"!

Thanks again,


Debs M said...

thats fantastic, well done x

Annie said...

I have clicked every day for years now and am very happy to do it. We never know when we may need extra help do we? My son and eldest daughter have just done the Manchester 10K run for cancer research and up to date have raised over £1100.....I'm soooooo proud of their efforts. [I've set up a link on my blog for them for anyone willing to add to their total]
A x

Marg said...

Well Done Ikki! Thank you for telling me about the link I've signed up.

Julia Dunnit said...

Well done Ikki, any thing ANYHTING that helps sort out this beastly and pernicious disease is a good thng; how generous of you and all your readers.

Unknown said...

Wow - that is magnificent - I wonder how much hallmark give!!!

I didn't realise you were doing this = so please let me know if ever you do this again... or if its ongoing. I have been on that site before - is it American?

Well done again Ikki - you are a very special blogger.

Paula x x x