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Friday, 20 November 2009

Cuttlebug - Embossing and Spellbinder Christmas Tie dies

Hi, Well today started out well, but then it when soooo wrong. What did I do? What didn't I do!

I started out making a 6 x 4 card in white linen - I printed the sentiment on the PC

then using a (Crafts-too) star folder which I received yesterday from Liz, at Make a Lasting Impression, and my score board I had finished my base card very quickly. Great! The embossing with this folder is very good, clear and deep. Also the pattern lends itself to debossing, and if needed you could emboss a larger card because there is no pattern match. Well done Crafts-too for listening to crafters!

Using the Spellbinder Christmas Tree die, I cut 3 of the middle size dies.
2 these I cut into layers and decoupaged, and with a touch of stickles and a few stars - I thought okay!

Second thoughts - "bit plain even for me" so out came a dye pad (a baby blue that I have used many times to highlight embossing) and today this was my downfall. First I missed the embossing and the dye marked the card, I tried to put this right, and again, and again and in the end abandoned my first idea and moved on to covering the pattern with various dyes, as I had seen Sheena on C&C do very successfully. Oh dear.....

what a mess! After playing around, adding a touch of perfect pearls and hairspray to fix - I was quite pleased with the effect. The embossing showed up well, the PP added a gloss shine that doesn't show up, but it does - honest, and I think I will be able to use this as a mat on another card. Not all wasted then!

So, feeling better I started again. I made another base card - this is quick. Then I picked up my tree and guess what, the stickles glue had not dried on the handmade paper I had used. Smudged. Next, I looked for my blue ribbon - I'm sure I put it away in the right place, but no - Lost. Silver ribbon would have to do - but it didn't look quite right. Blue ribbon still missing having check here, there and here again! Back to silver - why not dye it? I did and it came out well, but I was too impatient - I stuck the bow to the card, and guess what - the ink wasn't dry. I think this is where I came in!

In the end I did finish the card, but it did come very close to going in the bin!
Well No.16 done and dusted - back to the drawing board to see what I can do with my mishappens. Thanks for dropping by. See ya tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your hard work in encouraging crafters with your gift.
The card is beautiful. Keep up the good work. x

Christine said...

Ohhh Eileen i thought it was only ME who had days like this..I put it down to being TO creative .. thanks for sharing & it ended up a great card

Hugs Christine xx

Brenda said...

Hi Ikki

I too got the Crafts-too star embossing folder for Christmas and I am pleased with it. As you say it will emboss either way and there is no repeat to match. I've put a few 2010 cards which I have made using it into my DoCrafts Gallery.

Thank you for all the super ideas you share with everyone.