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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Tippy Thursday #4 Spellbinders Nestabilities

Week 4 - what have I got for you today??????

Well lets start with Nestabilities and the confusion they cause us!!!!

First you have various shapes: Circle, Oval, Square, and Rectangle. Sounds straight forward enough. But, then we begin with Standard Large, then Standard Small, followed by Classic, Petite, Scalloped, Pinking, Inverted Scalloped. The list is growing and therefore the choices and the confusion as to what is what!

First lets start with Large and Small - this rule covers all of the shapes because they all interact in the same way.
For example: The largest Large in any of the Nestie shapes is the largest die. If you placed the largest Small shape inside this, and continued the pattern down to the smallest Small you would have a complete set of dies graduating down in 1/8" increments. So you can choose to have both sets of Large and Small , or go for just one set when the difference between the dies would be 1/4". A tip for you - if you are looking at Large and Small die sets - and cannot tell the difference - look for the smallest die - that is the Small set! This applies to any of the Nestie set of dies.

Nestabilitie Circles.

Standard Large
(S4-114) is a basic circle that co-ordinates with all LARGE die sets with shaped edges.

Classic Scalloped Circle Large (S4 - 124)
Petite Scalloped Circle Large (S4 - 115)
Pinking Circle Large (4 - 171)
Classic Inverted Scalloped Large (S4 -194)

Standard Small (S4 - 116) is a basic circle that co-ordinates with all SMALL die sets with shaped edges.

Classic Scalloped Small (S4 - 125)
Petite Scalloped Small ( S4 - 117)
Pinking Circle Small (S4 - 172)
Classic Inverted Scalloped Small (S4 - 195)

Final tip: The difference between Classic Scalloped and Petite Scalloped is the number of scallops round the edge. Classic - 22 Petite - 37.

Next week I will list the Oval Nestie details, but for now enough is enough - I'm getting confused, but sincerely hope you are not, and that this info will be useful.


quiltedcavalier said...

Thanks for laying this out for us! It is confusing when you look at them at the store or online. They are such fun to work with though, so they are worth the little bit of confusion it takes to learn the differences for the enjoyment when the cuts come of out the dies!


Bettythebaglady said...

Wish I'd had this before I started buying nesties.Will now go and occupy myself counting scallops! Tee hee hee (Oh and I wish I'd kept the packaging)
P.S. I did split the small cuttlebug folder and it worked great. I created a holder from an Accucut positioning folder and I sprayed the cuttlebug folder with repositionable adhesive. Will get it on my blog sometime or other. Love Bettyxxx

Lynne K said...

Very useful. All is now clear! Thanks, Ikki.

Anonymous said...

great Tippy Thursday. The nesties make a bit more sence to me now. Louise Score DC

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ikki for this info.
Sandra (DC Dec'O'Cards)

Anonymous said...

Hi, The timing was just right for me as I've just started buying nestabilities, Thanks ikki for all of the great info on your blog.

Liz G. DC

Libby Dyson said...

Thanks so much for this information. I will be very helpful and hopefully save me money. I have left you an award - check my blog for details http://libbysscrapz.blogspot.com/

Unknown said...

Hi!! My name is Katerina and I leave in Greece. I have just started making some cerds and invitations for my kids! It is really exciting. I ve just purchased the big shot and I have a few die cuts. I saw spellbinders on utube and I am really anxious to get some but I don't really know were to start. Any tios will be useful! Thank you